Thursday, January 19, 2012

Alan Parson's Eye In The Sky

I Don't Need To See Any More To Know That. . . . .

Music, not the things played on Rupert Murdoch's 900+ radio stations, is best when it coincides with great literature, and transcends the time frame of Americana, or anywhere, meaning the place which it was recorded and released. Such is the case with the Alan Parsons Project, and their timeless classic Eye In The Sky . Not only does this piece allude to a tremendous, and timeless bit of American Literature, and in this case I'm directly referring to George Orwell's1984 , but it is also even more relevant in today's corporate fascist world, where Monsanto Suicides kill already desperately poor farmers in India, and Dyncorp throws child sex slavery oriented parties for it's new trainees in Afghanistan. Misery worldwide via American Corporate Fascism. GEO corp continues to build private corporate prisons in order to warehouse non violent "drug offenders" in the united states, and Dick Cheney's pockets continue to swell, and he loves only his money, and his homosexual daughter.

It's the dumbest thought you ever had if you believe that Zionist running the media is an example of Ashkenazi Intelligence or just great business acumen - check Wikipedia for that if you do not know about it.  It's perfectly fine for Jews to say, "hey, we're smarter than everyone else," but it's not okay for anyone else in the world to say such things.  Why is that?  Oh, because the media is monopolized, that's why. Take that shit and feed it to another one of our millions of corporate zombies living here in the land that used to be associated with things both "free," and "brave." I live in the real world, where all of the sides are deceiving, thank you very little.

American corporate mass media is entirely monopolized by Rothschild crime syndicate and international banking cartel associate 
1984 is RIGHT NOW, and this is the song.

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