Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wolverine Brand Steel Toe Work Boots.

Wolverine Steel Toe Boots

I've already said a few times that Wolverine Brand Work boots are my favorite, and it's not something that is just limited to mere fashion, but to employment as well. I work in the HVAC industry, and I handle a lot of heavy tools and components to air conditioners and heating equipment. I use Wolverine Brand Steel Toe boots to work. The steel toe feature is for protection, and protection it well provides, as it's supposed to prevent any injury to my toes should I drop 80 pounds of something from six feet high onto my feet. I'm not going to test that out on my feet, I only have two feet, and besides, my feet may not be so pretty, but my Wolverine Brand Steel Toe Work Boots , pictured below, ARE pretty.
I'm not saying that I often think of men's clothing or foot ware in terms of beauty, I mostly think of clothing for men in terms of utility, but I can't help but admire the looks of my Wolverine brand steel toe boots every single time that I look at them. I think you will too, should you buy some, come to appreciate them for not only their appearance, but their durability, and the fact that they provide a great deal of protection to the only two feet that you'll ever have.

My Wolverine Brand Steel Toe Work Boots


  1. Wow!! Really impressed by its cool feature. I also do one kind of heavy work and I think I am going to buy this shoe for sure. Thank you. Steel Toe Work Boots.

  2. I ordered 2 pair of boots for me and my wife. But my wife boot doesn't go well. So I need another pair boot for my wife. but this time I need best boots for women.

  3. You used in your work you have to find a good pair of boot. When you got it for your work you have to keep one thing on your mind that is your foot safety. So, I suggest to you to get a steel toe work boot.

  4. Yes Sir! I have several. I've never hurt my feet, and don't want to :)