Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stream of Consciousness, Coded Communication, Bill Hicks, and Honesty

What is certainly true is that I will never use, or any hubpages profile as a place for status updates. I seriously hate "status updates" right this minute. I did, however, contact a profile on facebook today, and I think that I managed to "like" it, so that I can get it's status updates, links, and whatever is offered there. As for facebook, I started another profile there-but I will have to have two profiles if I'm going to have all of my family and my families church friends and/or people from my hometown on facebook.because if facebook wasn't truly started by spies and oppressive Republicans-then I was told some lies that I actually believe on a youtube video. Because I believe that to be true-I can't have all of these redneck "Christians" around my hometown getting in my business with the rather intelligent group on my small facebook friend's list. I'd not only embarrass them with smart people who can rip fairy tales in half-I'd certainly offend someone., you see, is a very useful website for me. I am still a rather novice computer technology admirer and user. is so much more advanced than myspace, and it actually provides many efforts on many levels to educate the user. Because I know THAT to be true-I trust people on much more than I trust the average person on Myspace or facebook.
Have you ever had a local police officer who vigorously enforces idiotic, race and class based, and completely tax dependent laws concerning what are currently illegal drugs simply because Nixon realized that the people that didn't vote for him were all probably pot smokers, and that nobody in government or lobbying was sending him or his friends any cash that came from taxes put on these substances. . Or rather, I should say that the taxes were spent in protection of Mr. Bronfsman's distilleries . . .., and R.J.R., and Phillip Morris's slow murder. . ..try to friend you on myspace and try to bust you for selling him pot? I have. It's funny-because I've never sold pot, and I've never even tried to make much money in the street pharmaceutical field. The guy could have done a little better research. I imagine that somebody somewhere could easily pop me on some bullshit internet message should they dedicate themselves to it-anyone can be setup for something that they do wrong. Everyone I've ever known in my life has broken laws and gotten away with them, only some people pretend that they are more saintly than others. I don't know why.
If you believe that illegal drugs are illegal because they are more harmful than alcohol or tobacco-then you are a person living in a dream world created by big money. If you are a police officer who excels in enforcing laws created by big business so that the rich get richer, then I think you should do ten years solitary at the least, for you are a pawn of the oppressor.
First, I tried to leave something on Rahne's myspace status, a comment . . .and myspace told me that it was too long. Fuck you, myspace-I do not believe that you even have the right to limit how many characters I put into any text. I feel as though myspace should thank me monetarily for posting and/ or publishing so much there.. Later, I tried to post a Facebook status update. . . .and then, because facebook said that my status update was too long,. I tried to present the exact thing facebook refused with additional commentary as a myspace blog, and my computer locked up. Safari crashed-and all text was lost. I should also mention here that my firefox browser on my personal desktop computer-the only one I've ever owned, is now rather fucked up as well, and this is why I installed Safari.
I truly felt like someone was trying to prevent me from speaking what it was that I had to say in any, and all of those instances. Sure, it's true that I'd just come to the conclusion that an organized group had slowly poisoned Bill Hicks into cancer because of his never ceasing desire to say what was on his mind. If you have a problem with my thoughts-and you happen to be a part of a very powerful social group - then there is a chance that you do not like me, or whatever I'm trying to post, publish, or whatever on the internet.
I do not care if you dislike me, but I think that folks shouldn't be intimidated by someone who is always wishing to say how he feels, and what he thinks could possibly be.

If I take another step backwards then I recall that I was only minutes before all mentioned above having a rather "stream of consciousness" comment and reply thing with an extremely intellectual fellow known in some places as "The Serio Killa." It was right off in this exchange which will not be published here that T.S.K. and I realized that we were, in fact, using some stream of consciousness style communication-and that this sort of thing is "under the radar.."
Now I should say straight away that I do not know if we were truly "under the radar," but if you've followed this text at all, then perhaps you can see how individuals with a decent amount of shared words with shared meanings based upon the accurate reflections of sources of the past-and these are surely memories, could very well communicate under any radar.
Isn't life grand, you all? This is how we must evolve. This is how the strongest, the ones that DO survive will communicate. They will free associate and stream of consciousness style converse in an ever changing across cultural subgroup lines style of, mostly, English.
Here's some fucking code for you-above when I reference things mentioned above. . . .it means absolutely nothing. How much attention any rival, or enemy could be paying any particular person at any given time on any given website from any given computer. . . .isn't something we who are awake should over concern ourselves with. Sick, hateful, persons that deceive as a hobby are out there. Don't fear them-they are sick.

I never formally and/or intentionally think about philosophy.  I have friends that do that for me. Here is my personal philosophy condensed as far as it can be condensed: Tell the truth as best as you can as often as possible. It is impossible to live in this world for long by truly saying how you feel about things, and what you believe to be true at all times. I've realized that it's ridiculous to have such a high standard of honesty that you think that you will not have to lie again at some point in the future. In other words, if you ain't a liar yet, Babe, you will be; but you should certainly spend every effort at saying what you think and believe to be true, or possibly be true, at all times, save those times when someone asks you a really fucking stupid question. . . . .and doesn't want to hear the answer, and should the person asking have significant power over your major living circumstances..
And this is how this Hub has come to the place where I have to say that Bill Hicks. . . . .has anyone ever really been able to describe the horrific truth about things-and be a comedian at the same time as well as Bill Hicks did? The late Bill Hicks is a fucking HERO of people who had a spotlight on them, were in entertainment or film, and said the things that had to be said, seemingly, without fear of reprisal. Only the good die young, and the younger you are when you die-certainly you've done less wrong. Or maybe I should have just stated somewhere that Bill Hicks is one of MY personal heros, because he seemed to always question everything-and often found what is presented to be, um, lacking in evidence whilst having large groups with big motives for such "things" as a prime threat.
Bill Hicks, did you know him? I'm talking about a man who described to the world the three Los Angeles police who beat Rodney King nearly to death as "Officer Niqqer Hater," "Officer Keep Darkie Down," and "Officer Big Balls," and THEN the guy segued into a great skit in which he imitates various Englismen, and a female English news reporter in a joke about their "horrible" crime rate. Furthermore Hicks as, an L.A. weatherman described the temperature as 420 degrees farenheight as the the riots raged and shit burned. People needed to hear that, and people needed to know how honest folk felt about that incident-but all of the surviving video of Bill Hicks interviews or stand up is like that, the man tackled practically every major issue in the Western World at some point or another without fear of strong opposing forces.
I couldn't possibly describe any of the Bill Hicks stand up routines with any degree of humor. Besides his words, thoughts, and flat out offensive (for some) honesty, Bill being Bill also included facial expressions, etc; that drive home media deception to such a degree that it's almost shocking. Our world is in need of bare knuckle honesty and people not afraid to speak it.

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