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Thinking About The Drug War -The War Against American Citizens.

Thinking About The Drug War -The War Against American Citizens.

Cheap Beer

Listen, I buy and drink a lot of cheap beer, would I lie to you? No, I can't claim that my cheap beer habit or hobby is healthy or wise, but without my cheap beer - I'd probably almost never get around to typing anything on the web. Does that sound like an excuse? Fine ear you've got there, that is exactly what it is - an excuse.
I just like to drink, and I don't much imagine stopping. I know more about addiction and The Big Book than probably anyone you know, and I don't state that lightly. I've lost count of the drug rehabs, homeless shelters, detox hospitals, mental hospitalsjails, and floors I've slept on. I'm not the slightest bit ashamed of any of it either - not while I'm drinking my cheap beer I'm not.
Oh, the cheap beer ....its landed me in exactly two jails, and neither of those occasions were very serious. Well, one was a felony and the other was a DWI - but I meant serious in the serious sense - I beat all that shit, my cheap beer and I.

Drug War and Drug Prohibition - Human Rights and Idiot's Propaganda.

The Drug War Is The War Against The American People.
The Drug War Is The War Against The American People.

Police Officers -Unwitting Tools Of The Rich

Listen, if you are not a drug user, then please take this very literally - you don't know shit, and you can't know shit because your experience is shit. Me, I know drugs, and I know alcohol, and I know for a fact that alcohol is every bit the demon that is crack cocaine or "insert demon drug of choice here."
I do not care what your years on the police force have shown you - as you have no experience with using drugs, and so your perspective is absolutely shit, feces, and fecal matter. I do mean this with all due respect - you just saw it.
It is likely that you disagree - but that is all well and good, until you do drugs, you can not know what you are talking about in regards to drugs. Oh some husbands or wives, brothers or sisters of users or drunks might have some valid things to say, but only users know drugs. Police surely don't know drugs - they may see the worst of the worst, and how better to have a more biased opinion? I've met some very rational police - cops that well knew from instinct or information who was dangerous, who was in trouble, and who should be left alone, or go to jail. I've also met a ton that were basically just soldiers fortified on government propaganda.
My own eyes have seen alcohol, approved by police and politicians, change a person from who they were into something unrecognizable from that. My own eyes have seen people using all manner of illegal drugs, and still be who the already were. From my eyes I've taken the clear perspective that the drug war is merely the war against the American people, and that police officers are often the unwitting tools of the rich - the rich who profit from private prisons, and the never ending ignorance of a populace controlled by the trillions of dollars dedicated to ignorance by families such as the Rockefeller family - morons of the lowest order that truly believe that a united world government is superior to sovereign nations and people living lives free from fear of no knock raids, and another excused and unprompted police murder.
It is not my perspective nor my truth that illegal drugs are innocuous, rather - that all drugs are relatively equal within the confines of the diversity of the human genome. Some folks die from having ingested pharmaceutical and FDA approved "safe" medicines, no one dies from smoking or using marijuana in any way ever, and police kill people left and right because idiots made laws to restrict natural and uncontrollable human behaviors.

Prohibition - Wasted Liquor.

Sobriety - Good For You If You Are Into It - But Don't Tread On Me!

Now truly I could care less about your ideals concerning sobriety. If you wish to always remain sober - then that is perfectly fine with me. In fact, I'll pat you on the back and encourage you. The problem is that I do not wish to always be sober, and most humans are just like me in that regard - so one quickly becomes a high minded ass when preaching sobriety to a human population that is pre-dispositioned towards escapism and altered states of consciousness.
Yes, altered states of consciousness are perfectly normal things, perfectly natural things, and altogether common things throughout the entire history of humanity. What is bizarre and altogether strange in humanity is the behavior of American citizens and the American government. No, not the drug user types - the sobriety types and the corporation Ayn Rand loving types.
How is it that a nation became so full of itself that it could deny it's own actions? If the American public wants cocaine, then why is cocaine illegal?
How is it that this nation became so full of itself that it could send military vehicles and air craft to the sovereign nation of Columbia to spray cocoa killing herbicide on that nation's number one means of gaining wealth while at the same time selling the peoples of that nation a far more deadly product from our own fields, American tobacco? They hypocrisy is so monstrous, so hideous, and so in our faces that it dwarfs any elephant in the room - we are a nation of horrific hypocrites and terrible hypocrisy.
American Tobacco Kills More Citizens of Columbia Every Year Than Cocaine From Columbia Kills American Citizens!
I can only wonder if there has EVER been a more arrogant pig headed nation of peoples, or if there has ever been a nation with more violent self righteous buffoons than has the United States Of America - and in my lifetime too.

Bill Hicks - The Stupidity Of The War On Drugs.

A Soldier Protects Opium Fields So Pharmaceutical Corporations In America Can Make Pain Killer Drugs, and The CIA Can Sell Heroin

The CIA Sold Crack Cocaine In Los Angeles, and the US Government Created The Methamphetamine Epidemic.

The CIA sold crack cocaine in South Central Los Angeles and promptly stopped after the Rodney King beating brought national attention to the situation, and the government of the United States of America, at the behest of pharmaceutical corporations and private prison corporations created the methamphetamine epidemic precisely to create the largest per capita prison population in the history of the Earth - all your pro drug war garbage arguments are totally invalid.
Not only that - a huge part of the invasion of Afghanistan was that American pharmaceutical corporations needed the opium fields of Afghanistan to be productive so that they could continue to hook the world on their super dangerous and extremely addictive opiate drugs.
The three points above are self evident to anyone who bothers to research anything, let me reiterate them for you here:
1. The Central Intelligence Agencypurposefully (is there another way?) sold crack cocaine in South Central Los Angeles - a totally racist organization including many former Nazi war criminals in it's ranks after the second world war - sold crack in an American city in order to create civil unrest, and increase the fear and paranoia of the American public.
2. After years and years of selling methamphetamine as a diet pill via pharmaceutical corporations - the United States government through several legislative and chemical engineering acts created the methamphetamine epidemic in the USA following the crack epidemic perpetuated by the Central Intelligence Agency, and
3. The war on "terror" - carried out by American terrorist was in part a ploy to re open and make productive again the opium fields of Afghanistan in order forAmerican pharmaceutical corporations to produce their deadly opiate drugs.

Psych Meds - The US Government WANTS You On Dope.

Cheap Beer And Cigarettes

Do you see the image up above? That was me - a zombie of a person taking tons of psych meds - up to five different prescriptions at a time, and some of them more than once per day. Not only that, the prescriptions were often changing.
Try some of this! Try some of THAT!
What a crock of garbage! I'm not here to knock police officers for doing their jobs, and I'm not here to knock psychiatrist that truly try to help people, I'm here to tell you about the hypocrisy of it all, and to tell you how miserable I was on all of that legal dope pushed by corporations on television.
Do you know that only New Zealand and the USA allow the pathetic affront to humanity via pharmaceutical corporations, i.e., the promotion of their unnatural and unsafe drugs on television?
I'm sitting here very much happier than I was in the past, and I'm having cheap beer and roll my own tobacco cigarettes. I know that prohibition does not work, and the US Government has known that since they tried it with alcohol - everything else has been a grand capitalist bit of profiteering and war mongering by fascist oligarchs.

Natural Light - What I Buy With My Online Earnings.

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