Sunday, July 22, 2012

The FLUKE 971 Digital Temperature And Humidity Meter.

The Fluke 971 Temperature/Humidity meter.

The Fluke 971 digital humidistat is another fine digital meter from Fluke Electronics. Fluke Electronics is a very well known, and extremely trusted brand of quality electronics for industrial skilled laborers, service technicians, and contractors or installers. While it's true that there are many solid competitors for Fluke electronic tools, Fluke Electronics is the standard bearer, and the brand of choice for so very many people in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration fields that it's easy to say that Fluke Electronics is THE BEST brand of electronic multi meters and digital tools.
The Fluke 971 is a battery powered digital meter that measures relative humidity and temperature. Through a few easy to use controls the Fluke 971 meter will display three different temperature points of the air surrounding the meter's sensor: ambient air, wet bulb, and dew point. The Fluke 971 features a protective shutter which should always be closed around the temperature and humidity sensing element when not in use.
While having an accurate means of display for an environment's temperature is indispensable within the HVAC/R industry; knowing the humidity of the same environment is equally important in many, though often less obvious, ways. Besides the troubleshooting, and proper refrigerant charge setting information that this meter provides. It is also sometimes handy with certain types of customers to be able to show them what is going on temperature and humidity wise within the conditions of certain rooms and even outside of any home or building. Fluke Electronics and the Fluke 971 meter are the most trusted sources of this kind of information for the technician and the customer.

Wonderful Fluke Electronic Tools


I simply can not advise opening up any Fluke Electronics product like this guy does.  These fine tools simply cost too much money for anyone other than those trained to do so to do this.

A Fluke Multi Meter Review.


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