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St. Vincent and the Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent Guitar

St. Vincent and the Music Man St. Vincent guitar.

Out of the great state of Texas comes a shining star of modern music. Her name is Annie Clark, but she's known everywhere as St. Vincent. She's the voice of countless women everywhere, heard in concert, and on FM radios across the world. While she is lovely to behold, she brings more to the game than that, she's emotionally stirring, honest, and she doesn't just stand there holding a guitar, she plays the thing.

It is easy to see that the guitar is a musical instrument that is dominated by men. The domination by men is in numbers. Playing guitar is sometimes a boy's club sort of venture, but it need not be so, as there is no reason, nor was there ever, that a woman couldn't play the guitar every bit as well as a man. Maybe the gods of guitar sent Annie to us to deliver the message to her fellow females - here is the guitar, and you can play it, and play it well too.

That all said, St. Vincent, or Annie Clark; is a woman from Dallas, Texas. You could take her out of Texas, but you'd not be able to take Texas out of her. She's someone we can relate too.

St. Vincent with one of her Music Man guitars.

Are there hindrances to a woman playing the guitar? Well yes and no - there's no physical reason a woman can't play the guitar every bit as well as any man can. Men do have a size advantage. Let me explain - with an acoustic guitar the instrument is usually no big deal for even a child to handle. With a solid body electric guitar, however, sometimes the instrument can be a bit heavy. Oh, you don't notice the weight right off the bat, but if you've got a great old Les Paul around your shoulder and you're standing and playing, it doesn't take long for the weight of the guitar to become a real issue.

Les Paul's are heavy guitars. The Fender Stratocaster isn't always so lite either. So St. Vincent, being a small built lady herself, was infinitely aware of the issue of weight in solid body electric guitars, and she designed her Music Man guitar specifically to be ergonomically fit for women.

St. Vincent and the Music Man St. Vincent guitar.


Custom specifications for the Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent signature guitar.

From the body shape all the way down to the paint color, and everything else in between this instrument was designed by St. Vincent with the people at Ernie Ball Music Man. Besides being shaped to resemble the female form, the form of the guitar also compliments the female figure, due to its shape, in performance. The body is African mahogany with a high gloss polyester finish.

The neck and fret board are both rosewood, so the tonality will be dark with long lasting sustain. There is also the custom St. Vincent fret board position markers, custom Schaller tuning machines, and a custom music man chrome plated tremolo bar bridge. The guitar is a real looker, as is its inspiration. Three mini-humbucker pickups, and a light weight of just seven pounds; ideal for females, or anyone at all, really.
Purchase one of these guitars for your wife, your daughter, or your girlfriend - and she'll have an instrument which will last forever and perform like a dream.

The Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent signature series guitar.

Of course Annie Clark has other guitars, most notably, she was the very first person I ever knew of to pimp out the Harmony Silhouette or Bobkat. Those are great guitars, and you can be certain she still plays them. Who would turn down the chance to design a totally unique guitar from a premium manufacturer though? Not St. Vincent. She designed one that isn't even close in appearance to any other guitar. You play one of these Music Man St. Vincent guitars, and you're going to stand out for it. She's made certain of that.

Now take a look closely at the guitar, and imagine it standing up with the head stock facing upwards. Looking at it this way you can see how the guitar evokes the figure of a woman. This is by design. Don't put so much stock in just looks when it comes to a woman or a guitar, as such things are only on the surface, and there is much more beneath. The guitar is more than just a looker, of course, it is also a player's guitar.
In the January 2016 Guitar World magazine issue there is an article on this specific guitar and, of course, Annie Clark, and in the article she says something I like to repeat a lot here online. She says, implying that buying up in guitars, that

 "If you have a great instrument you're going to play better." Then she goes on, "You're going to play up to the level of the instrument because it makes it easier for you to succeed." 

I find this to be true, and especially true for someone who's already playing the guitar on a less expensive one. Once you've invested the time and effort to purchase a truly professional guitar, the fine guitar will make you better because the guitar itself is better, but also it does this because you already invested so much time and money and desire into the thing. Specifications are as follows:
  • Body shape: Single cutaway
  • Body type: Solid body
  • Body material: Solid wood
  • Top wood: Not applicable
  • Body wood: Mahogany
  • Body finish: Gloss
  • Orientation: Right handed
  • Neck
  • Neck shape: Not specified
  • Neck wood: Rosewood
  • Joint: Bolt-on
  • Scale length: 25.5"
  • Truss rod: Standard
  • Neck finish: Gloss
  • Fretboard
  • Material: Rosewood
  • Radius: 10"
  • Fret size: High profile, medium width
  • Number of frets: 22
  • Inlays: Dot
  • Nut width: 1.62" (41.3mm)
  • Pickups
  • Configuration: HHH
  • Neck: Mini humbucker
  • Middle: Mini humbucker
  • Bridge: Mini humbucker
  • Brand: DiMarzio
  • Active or passive pickups: Passive
  • Series or parallel: Series
  • Piezo: No
  • Active EQ: No
  • Special electronics: Custom pickup switching
  • Controls
  • Control layout: Master volume, tone
  • Pickup switch: 5-way
  • Coil tap or split: No
  • Kill switch: No
  • Hardware
  • Bridge type: Fixed
  • Bridge design:
  • Tailpiece: Not applicable
  • Tuning machines: Schaller locking
  • Color: Chrome
  • Other
  • Number of strings: 6-string
  • Special features: Pickups
  • Case: Hardshell case
  • Accessories: None
  • Country of origin: United States

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