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Walmart and Monsanto - The High Cost Of Low Prices.

Walmart - The Largest Retail Store In The USA Sells Cancer Corn

Much can be said about Walmart, and much of it is very negative. Very few persons complain , however,when they've saved some money from shopping there. I do shop at Walmart from time to time, and the reason for this is simple - most everything a person needs can be found there, needs in regards to day to day living, the basic stuff outside of a home and health, these things can be found at Walmart.
Health - there's that word, and this will hardly be the last time you peruse it here, and I hope that each and every time you read the word "health," or anything concerning health, that you will take a moment to realize that it is the single most valuable thing that you can have in the tangible or immediate sense. Walmart, however, cares not much about your health at all, and this notion is the entire discussion I intend to lay out here today.

Rat With Huge Tumor From Being Fed Monsanto's BT Corn

Obama's Food and Drug Administrator, Michael Taylor, thinks you'd do fine with just that sort of tumor too.
Obama's Food and Drug Administrator, Michael Taylor, thinks you'd do fine with just that sort of tumor too.

Why Does Obama Hate Human Beings?

Why Hate Obama? Why Does Obama Hate YOU?

I've been described as having a pathological hatred of B.H. Obama, president of the United States of America. Hate is a rather strong word, but if I do hate anyone, then B.H. Obama would be a perfect example of such a person.
What I honestly wonder is just why Barry Obama hates YOU. Yes YOU! Why does Obama hate you? I do not know the answer to that, but he hates you enough to further erode the civil liberties you were not granted by government, but were granted upon birth.
Barry Obama - here to help murder Arabs that want to use a non federal reserve currency. Barry Obama just called it a "peace keeping mission," and his moronic minions ate it for dinner.

Barry Obama - here to help pass legislation in which you can be put into prison without being charged with any crime, without any trial or lawyer, and forever!

Barry Obama - here to make sure you eat GMOs that were not labeled, and were not tested for safety. Why else would Obama have installed Michael Taylor of the Merchants Of Death, as head of the Food and Drug Administration?
Barry Obama - here to help destroy what Bush didn't of your civil liberties so that the government can control every bit of your life.

Barry Obama - here to murder hundreds of children in Pakistan with his peace prize robot planes and his peace prize bombs.

Barry Obama - here to help ensure you are spied on with domestic peace prize drone planes, and not just surveillance drones, mind you, Obama wants domestic fourth amendment violation drones ARMED WITH BOMBS.

Barry Obama - here to inspire hope and change towards a future that Adolph Hitler could only have ever dreamed of.
No, Mitt Romney loves Monsanto food tyranny cancer, and organ failure too, who'd think there were differences between federal reserve candidates anyway?

Monsanto Money - Corporate Money, Destroying The Political Process, Denying The Will Of The People. What Does Monsanto Have To Hide?

Why Does The Food And Drug Administration Hate Americans?

A very good case can be made that the Food and Drug administration, headed under Obama by the single worst candidate in the entire world, Michael Taylor of the Monsanto Merchants Of Death, quite literally, wants you either dead or sick so that your money is drained like blood from a corpse into the coffers of Big Pharma.
It's been obvious for decades now that the term "democracy" is just something tossed around, and it has no meaning when there is an obvious oligarchy, as there is in the entire Western World,and most notably, in the USA. Still, ninety percent of the US population wants to know what it is eating, and yet Obama put Michael Taylor as head of the FDA, and if you didn't know, then Michael Taylor was once the head lawyer for Monsanto, the number one corporation fighting against the notion that human beings have a right to even know what they are eating.

If Monsanto Were Proud Of Its Produce - They'd WANT It Labeled

The truth is, Monsanto is terrified of having their products labelled, and for good reason - people never willingly ingest poison unless they are suicidal.
The truth is, Monsanto is terrified of having their products labelled, and for good reason - people never willingly ingest poison unless they are suicidal.

Monsanto Sure Talks A Great Game, Reality, However, Is Very Very Different.

I suppose that by "working with farmers" Monsanto the corporation actually means "suing organic farmers - adding insult to injury after pollen drift has destroyed the crops the organic farmers grew?"
Organic food is safe to eat, but if your food has to be tested on rats, then it is and never will be anything more than rat poison.

Monsanto - ASHAMED Of Its Produce.

At the heart of Monsanto is a very clear and principled code of conduct – one we expect all employees, contractors and management to live by every day. We operate under a genuine value system—our pledge—that demonstrates integrity, respect, ethical behavior, perspective and honesty as a foundation for everything we do.
The Following is from the Monsanto website
A key part of fulfilling the promise of our value system is by engaging our communities in a significant and positive manner. Not only do we work hard to support the family farmer in a variety of ways, but we also:
  • provide extensive educational programs – particularly in science and agriculture – for students around the world
  • fund numerous research grants for graduate students
  • work in partnership with government bodies, non-profit agencies and advocacy groups to make agriculture more sustainable

It Has Now Become VERY Risky To Eat Corn

About Corn

In truth what is commonly called "Corn," is in fact, maize - but the common colloquial terminology recognized by all in the Western World is that maize is corn.
The following is DIRECTLY from Wikipedia.
Genetically modified (GM) maize is one of the 25 GM crops grown commercially in 2011. Grown since 1997 in the United States and Canada, 86% of the US maize crop was genetically modified in 2010 and 32% of the worldwide maize crop was GM in 2011. As of 2011, Herbicide-tolerant maize varieties are grown in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, El Salvador, EU, Honduras, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, the Russian Federation, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and USA, and insect-resistant corn is grown in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Egypt, EU, Honduras, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Russian Federation, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, USA, and Uruguay.
But what the paragraph above fails to mention is that never before until now has Monsanto, the Merchants of Death, ever produced a product that is to be sold directly to human consumers presuming that product to be "food," until now.

BT Corn By Monsanto - It is Rat Poison.

Monsanto Does NOT Want You To Know What You Are Eating - They Are ASHAMED, As They Should Be, Of Their Produce.

BT Cancer and Tumor Corn, Courtesy Of Monsanto, and WalMart.

So with very little testing Obama's wretched Food and Drug Administration is pushing BT corn, by Monsanto, their first ever direct to the consumer "food product."
Let me implicitly state here that if a product has to be tested on rats, then that product is unfit for human beings, as it is nothing other than rat poison, and never ever was food for human beings. Yes, I know that seems to make perfect sense, and go without saying, but we live in a world according to Monsanto insofar as the federal government of the USA is concerned, and if you've not figured it out yet, they don't give a damn about you. Our government now exists only to stuff its own pockets, and justify its unchecked cancerous growth and desire to control ever last aspect of human life.
Why does Monsanto spend millions to fight against having their tumor and cancer corn rat poison labeled?I'd guess they are deathly ashamed of this product, I certainly would be. The only other option or reason seems to be that they think humans look pretty in their coffins, or with giant tumors all over their dead bodies.
Walmart wants to sell you that bt corn without a label, apparently Walmart thinks humans are more fitting in their appearance with giant tumors on them lying in a coffin.
So when is enough enough for you? Stop buying Roundup herbicide, and Monsanto goes broke next week, and by all that the God of creation loves, stop purchasing food at Walmart.

Stop Purchasing Roundup - Boycott Walmart.

GMO Sweet Corn - A Field Guide.

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