Thursday, September 15, 2016

Monsanto's Poisonous and Carcinogenic Milk

The big news in business today is Monsanto and Germany's Bayer are going to merger. There are many reasons to find megacorporations troubling. But you're not likely to beat them at their public relations game with the internet.

The only way to combat things in the world of money is to forego purchases. Vote with dollars. Rah Rah Rah.

This junk below is an example of something I did when I was just learning how to use the internet. And I was certainly behind the curve. I'm putting it here, basically, because someday I might be interested in how I used to think. Anyway, the puss milk and bovine growth hormone thing happened. And so now our milk containers have in small print a bit of text to say they weren't produced from cows injected with bgh.

Monsanto Poison's America's Milk.

Monsanto is now poisoning America's milk supply with bovine growth hormone. The only testing that was done towards seeing if this synthetic hormone by Monsanto was safe for human consumption, as it inevitably makes it's way from cows to humans via milk; was a mere 90 days of testing on 30 rats, and rats are not humans; but this is how much the Monsanto corporation cares for humanity. Besides the Monsanto Suicides in India, and the horrific, and completely un-ethical practices against the farmers there, the attempt to force poison corn upon the French, and recent polls voting Monsanto as the World's most evil corporation. Monsanto has now been alleged to have actually threatened Fox News media should they even talk about Bovine Growth Hormone, the result was that fellow corporate fascist, Rupert Murdoch, pulled the story from seeing the light of day.

Let's not forget that Roundup, the only thing that keeps Monsanto a profitable company, is also poisonous to humans, and it makes it's way into our soil and our drinking water every time that someone uses it. Monsanto also makes nutrasweet, or aspartane, which, of course, is also poisonous to humans who consume such things. Are you seeing a pattern here yet?

Never fear though, Americans, Monsanto has lobbied to protect us all from healthy foods, and now seeks to make it criminal for us to grow our own foods, organic gardening, even when you are only growing foods for you and your family, can now get you thrown into prison. The only patriotic and sane thing that you can now do, is to BREAK THE LAW, and NEVER buy any Monsanto product. If you purchase Roundup herbicide YOU support a corporation that seeks to destroy YOU and YOUR FAMILY, and MINE.

The Monsanto corporation must be completely destroyed and obliterated for the United States of America to remain a free and open society. The Monsanto corporation must be completely destroyed and obliterated for American Citizens to enjoy any sort of healthy lifestyle or diet.

No more excuses, if you purchase Roundup; you support your own death and destruction, and you support cancer for you and your children.

No Food Shall Be Grown That Monsanto Does Not Own.


Monsanto Merchants Of Death

Milk Labels, Avoid Monsanto's BGH


Afterward - How Did Monsanto Gain The Right To Poison Us?

Looking at the search terms that have lead people to this article, some funny things showed up. Among the "funny things" was the search term/question:

"How Did Monsanto Get A Permit To Poison Us?"

That's beautiful, really, Monsanto got it's start in corporate life by poisoning people, why would they change? Monsanto does not make one single profit that isn't toxic when consumed by humans. Every single product produced by Monsanto is deadly to human beings one way or another. Most of their products are meant for human consumption, are legal, but are at the same time deadly. The only product that makes Monsanto

profitable is it's herbicide "Roundup," and if Roundup were boycotted - Monsanto would cease to exist. This is our only hope, really. Though Roundup was never meant for human consumption - merely being around it is carcinogenic for humans, and besides that, Roundup and it's poisons makes it's way into our soil, and our drinking water every time some human zombie uses it.

Why do people use Monsanto products? They've been lulled to sleep by Ashkenazi Jews that totally control our corporate media, and who have nothing in mind but their god damned new world order controlled from Israel, a land that none of them save the Sephardi can even claim as a homeland.

It's a muddled up, mixed up, greed dominated world that you and I inhabit, and while most are busy being distracted by the racist, racially monopolized media, the rest of us are either being murdered, or slowly murdered, or chemically castrated by corporations like Monsanto.

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