Friday, September 9, 2016

Just Say No To Drugs. America's Pharmaceutical Corporations Destroy Your Health For Profits

USA - Pharmaceutical Nation

Drugs Are Most Often Used To Treat Symptoms, They Do Not Address A Diseases Cause.


Just Say No!

In Today's America, the consumer of mass media faces the threats of blood money drinking corporate vampires in the Media, and the Corporate Everything. One of the most parasitic blood drinking institutions in modern America is the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Growing up, the slogan on television was "Just Say No." I think Nancy Reagan promoted that, maybe it was her idea. I don't know for sure. What I do know, is that the "Just Say No" slogan is more viable to reality, and more fitting for the problems of many than it was even during the days that it was popularized from up on "high." Just Say No should be the new slogan for the new age, and indeed, we are still talking about saying NO to drugs, this time, however, we are talking about the legal drugs; the drugs that people do not go to prison for selling, provided that they sell them on television, or from a clinic somewhere, or perhaps a pharmacy; but these people who live in large houses, and who have large investments, are they no less worthy of shame and derision than the poor man who sells drugs on the street? We need to, as a people, stand up, and scream NO to the drugs that they are selling.

Surely there exist many occasions when prescription medications are needed. More and more often, however, medications are sold without less expensive, and herbal supplements and ideas ever being mentioned even as possibilities that are viable cures to the cause of one's visit. The reason for this is that drugs produced in a factory sell for more than drugs that can be grown by mere "peasants," like you and I. The pharmaceutical industry cares nothing at all for your health, it cares about it's profits, and those profits increase when people who need no medication are prescribed medication, and told with great confidence that that is exactly what they need. Profits rise when new diseases and conditions are "discovered," and don't you need to run to the doctor? Surely you have some of those symptoms that the man on the television described, your aunt Francis said so Christmas before last.

It is not up to corporations to make the world a better place, in fact, it is not in the interests of corporations to improve anything.  Corporate profits and the GDP both go up whenever problems are created, and solutions are sold to the public.  It is up to each and every one of us as individuals, and on the individual level, to stand up and shout JUST SAY NO!

Pharmaceutical Drug Dependency Starts With Sodium Fluoride Poison In Drinking Water


Aldous Huxley and the Chemical Revolution


Psych Med Nation

All across the nation we've heard about prescription psych medications causing suicides and being linked to mass shootings. As many as 90% of US school shootings had psych medications in common. A total corporate shill, B.H.Obama, seeks not to punish pharmaceutical corporations, but rather, everyone by seeking not reform for psych medications, but gun control, a proven historical disaster.

ADHD medications given to children, lots of children, is at a disgraceful level in this nation. While there is a real need in some persons for such medications, the cause of the problems, the symptoms leading to the medication is generally food based. There are lots of ADHD conspiracy theories even. Everyone should know to never believe everything you read on the web, there's not a website which doesn't have false information on it. It's so bad my anti-virus blocked me from opening two different front page SERP results for threats being detected. Here's a link concerning supposed evidence or testimony concerning schools getting kickbacks from big pharmaceutical corporations for doling out adhd medications and such. One should take with salt, another page claims Ritalin is more powerful than cocaine; and that's simply not true.

What are the top ten most profitable pharmaceutical drugs? Well, I've got a great list here. They're pretty much drugs which treat symptoms, they sure don't address the problem leading to the symptoms. I've also a nice list of the top twenty five psych medications from 2011, and from a very reputable source. Drugs and pharmaceutical manufacturers wouldn't be profitable were they to solve problems, and neither is it possible for them to be, as the source of problematic symptoms, other than those caused by drugs, are always food based, habit based, or environmental.

The drugging of American society is so systemic most don't even realize their water is drugged with toxic waste, and damages their essential glands, such as the pineal gland. Sodium fluoride in water causes calcium deposits to form around the pineal gland, and prevents the production of things like Melatonin. I had to start taking melatonin supplements on my own due to the damage within my brain caused by fluoridation of water, and my life has improved because of the supplements.

Does mind control begin with the fluoridation of our drinking water? I don't know, but sodium fluoride is a definite carcinogen, and it is a neurotoxin proven to lower intelligence. If you listen to the people who denigrate "conspiracy theorist" for even a half hour, you know already those aren't the persons you wish to associate with, they are all very bitter, angry, and likely on psych meds for the situation, but the medications are not working, as is proved for their lack of even being willing to question authority except when it conflicts with their fleshly interests.

Scientism is on the rise in the USA and across the world. It's essentially a satanic sort of worship of humanity. Call a man a "scientist" and suddenly legions of pseudo-intellectuals admire him, never mind the fact the profit motive was all that ever lead him to any conclusions, as that is the worship of the self as well, the self seeking of profit over usefulness. No doubt the glorying of the self is the goal of the most of those seven billion and more persons on the planet, and isn't the planet now in more danger than ever before? Oh you know that it is, after the fall of Rome the Western World was plunged into chaos, and yet this wasn't entirely bad, but a new Rome rose much later, across the ocean, and it's quickly falling into ruin too, and for the same reasons. We have psych medications now though, they didn't have them before - and so we're worse off, and there's a hard rain which is bound to fall.

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