Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why Everyone Should Always Pirate Music

There is precious little in this world more corrupted and filthy than any and everything sold through mass media. Mass media is not in the information business - mass media is in the disinformation business. They consider us, quite literally - via the talmud, as nothing more than human cattle. This is why you no longer hear decent music on the radio. I say pirate music, REAL music, and burn the garbage that is sold on the airwaves in the trash.

Pirating music promotes real musicians, the people who want you to come see a live show.

Today's corporate music is nearly always trash, but then again, this has almost always been the case, has it not?
Today's corporate music is nearly always trash, but then again, this has almost always been the case, has it not?

Pirate Music, and Save The Music Industry.

It's been said that pirating music, sharing files, etc, would destroy the music industry.  This is the lie that the music industry and media executives put forth to protect their interests, and believe me, their interests are not YOUR interests, and they are neither the interests of real musicians, or the earnest music seeker.  You see, there is no music industry to be destroyed.  What "music industry" executives mean when they say, "file sharing and pirating music will destroy the music industry" is that should we pirate music and share files, then we won't buy the dumbed down materialistic pinup boy and girl media whore garbage that they promote exclusively through their buddy Rupert Murdoch's near monopoly on F.M. radio stations nationwide.

It's Not Music.

Do any of you really consider Lady Gaga, and all of that crap music? If so, then tell me just what it is about that ugly woman and her noise that constitutes music, and I'd also like to know the names of the musicians that she employees.
Still waiting. . . . .
STILL waiting. . . . .
You see, if there are no musicians, then there is no music. If you think that Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, or whoever else of those persons are legitimate musicians, then please never speak to me again. You can not be a musician if you are only a singer, being a musician requires musicianship, and the playing of a musical instrument. Singing is great, and everyone loves good singing, but being a pin up boy or girl singing materialistic and lascivious garbage that someone else, one of those mass media brainwashing moguls, wrote for you to sing, makes you nothing more than a media whore, and such individuals are to be regarded with the least amount of respect that can possibly be given to another human being.


The facts of the matter are these: Honest music is still being made, and there are literally millions of great musicians and singers of songs in the world that the "music industry" will never promote because they do not fit the dumbed down global materialism and idiocy agenda. File sharing and pirating music CAN ONLY help those people, the musicians of integrity, to gain a wider following, and sell actual records, disks, or even fill concert venues. In an effort to promote musical and artistic integrity, I humbly submit to you the following bit of software. With it, you can download mp3s from youtube videos, and mail them to your friends. I sincerely thank you in advance should you participate in the sharing and promotion of musicians with integrity.

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