Tuesday, March 22, 2016

F.E.M.A. Concentration Camps, My Last Meal Request.

When the corporations send their fascist armies to round up dissidents, I want to be the first person on their extermination list.

F.E.M.A. Death Camp Warning Sign.


F.E.M.A. Death Camps.

By now, everyone knows that America is dead, and that we now live in a police state, a surveillance state, and that the Bill Of Rights and the United States Constitution were destroyed by both the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION DOLLARS that was stolen from the United States Taxpayer, and the 9/11 crimes that were an effort by the elites to cover up the TWO POINT THREE TRILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS that were stolen the previous day.
Police in America are now armed like infantry, or "lightfighters," in army terminology; and F.E.M.A. is the biggest wing of the criminal United States government. . .except for the bought out, and paid for by the global elites, congress. According to the Missouri Information Analysis Centre, people who talk about "outdated" documents like the United States Constitution and the Bill Of Rights are not fit to be global citizens. People like myself who police the activities of the American Police and talk about documents from years ago that concern people about their rights, are now considered "domestic terrorist.." Look, I know that I'm on the black list, and I should be. I'm obviously not fit for global citizenry, because I'm not willing to give up freedoms for false "safety" that the American Government wants to trade us all for.
I'm here today to request my final meal before my head swallows up that p.38 calibre bullet at the hands of some F.E.M.A. global patriot, or some international "peacekeeper" that was sent here to diffuse whatever contrived tragedy that the elites have planned to institute Martial Law, and round up American Citizens like myself, for concentration camps, re education camps, and outright extermination.
I WANT ON THE EXTERMINATION LIST. It's true that if possible, I'm going to take some of the people that come to get me with me into the next level of existence. According to Albert Einstein, the myth is that we only exist in the here and now. Most complex ideas in physics are beyond the common politician, and globalist elite hired guns, but whatever, right?

My Last Meal Request.

I'm very easy to please. I know I've been "bad" as far as global citizenry and human rights are concerned. I know that I've sinned against the gods of money, with all my blasphemy against Rockefeller, Rothschild, and all of those fake "Jewish" Ashkenazi Media Moguls. I'm not the least bit sorry for any of it. I'm not sorry that I absolutely HATE people who make profit off of the misery and subjugation of the less fortunate. I know that I should be put down like a rabid dog. I only want my last meal, and a few Natural Light Beers, and some chosen classic rock tunes before I go into that great good night.


I know that I've caused so much pain and suffering to the Rothschild family, and their American cousins, the Rockefeller's, in my rants and raves against their most noble desires to unite the world under their complete control. If I could request it, I'd really love for David De Rothschild to be the one to split my noggin with that fatal lead overdose. He looks so much like Jesus looks in the modern renditions. I know I'm not good enough to request such a fine execution. I'm such a worthless individual that I'd complain about being hung with a brand new rope!

No Really, The Food.

Here's the thing though, I can make my own food better than anyone else can. Is that a sin too? (facepalm) I only want stew meat, the beef cuttings off of steak. I don't deserve steak, even for a last meal. I need only salt, lime juice, Louisiana Hot Sauce, flour tortillas, and butter. I'll bet that you can figure the rest out.
If possible, and I know this is asking so much, especially for such a corrosive, abrasive global non - citizen like myself, but if I could wash it down with a Chelada , the Budweiser beer with Clamato, salt and lime; and a few Natural lights while telling my Mom, and a few choice friends "goodbye," while listening to Black Sabbath, Danzig, Boston, and Led Zeppelin. . . .well, please?

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