Saturday, April 2, 2016

Big Pharma, The Modern Dope Pusher.

The pharmaceutical industry pushes drugs, this is a fact. The pharmaceutical industry pays doctors to push their drugs, this is also a fact. The pharmaceutical industry does NOT want you to know about herbal remedies, as those are actually healthy for you, and don't make the pharmaceutical industry it's profits - and this too is a fact.

Big Pharmaceutical Corporations - The Real Drug Pushers.

Pharmaceutical Corporations Are The Modern Dope Pushers.

There are no "if" "and" or "buts" about it. Big Pharma is a drug pusher. Why else, would they advertise prescription meds on the television?
Ask Your Doctor if _______ is right for you!
One would think that the doctor would be the one to make suggestions, and not the patient, but maybe I'm just "old fashioned," or something. I do not, however, think so. What I think is that Big Pharma wants you to want prescription medications, and that is why they advertise them on television, so that you'll want them, so that you will want their legal drugs. They do not advertise these "medications" on television because you NEED them, if you are ill, you know that you are ill, and if you are sufficiently ill to feel as though you need a physician, then chances are that if you are able, you will go to see a physician. The idea behind Big Pharma advertising on television and billboards and radio is that they WANT you to think that you are ill, and they WANT you to go to the doctor and say,
Hey doc, can I try some_______ My buddy is taking it, and he says he's feeling good!
In America, you are now prompted to feel ill, and to feel a need for medications, is this not the case? You are prompted to ask for medications that were you not prompted, you'd not feel as though you needed them. This is called "drug pushing," and so, logically, it follows that Big Pharma is a Drug Pusher. It's so very obvious that drugs that are taxed are approved when sold through legal means, and Doctors have been put into a position to where their very integrity is called into question each and every single time that someone makes an appointment, and then asks a doctor for a specific medication. Drug Dealers, Drug Pushers; and it's all legal, and unhealthy, right here, right now, in the United States of America. But this was not always the case, in days gone by, corporations and big money had less of a corrupt influence here in America. It used to be that a doctor prescribed the medications to you that that doctor felt you needed for the condition that you approached him or her for. Nowadays, they "discover" a new medical condition most every week, and isn't it so very convenient that there is already a drug that big pharma has made to treat that condition? I think so, give me convenience or give me meth, that's what I always say.

Big Pharmaceutical Corporations - The Real Drug Dealers.

Ask your doctor today if ten thousand prescriptions to go with your other ten thousand prescriptions is right for you!
Ask your doctor today if ten thousand prescriptions to go with your other ten thousand prescriptions is right for you! | Source
Money - that is ALL it is really about.
Money - that is ALL it is really about. | Source

Big Pharma=Dope Pusher.

Big Pharma is nothing more than the modern day dope pusher. Now, you've been told your whole life through the media that drug dealers are "evil," and such; and that meme is correct, big pharma is certainly evil, and has no regards whatsoever for your well being at all. As drug pushers, they only care about their profits.
So there was a little truth in the idiotic media meme, but it was misplaced, the poor black man or boy who sold crack on the corner may not have been a very positive sort, but it's been well documented that our Central Intelligence Agency used to supply the cocaine to those neighborhoods in the first place, and they started the whole crack epidemic to begin with. I do not have to tell you that it's altogether an abhorrent racist reality that one third of black American men are behind bars at any given time. That's obviously a racist and racially motivated corruption of American families and society that is perpetuated through corrupt and racist laws and law enforcement agencies across the country. If you doubt this, then it must behoove you to believe that African Americans are somehow just more likely to be "criminals" than other races, and that idea makes you a class A bigot and racist the likes of which that we who read this know that you are. Furthermore, if you go on and make the class An intelligent statement or you form the only possible intelligent idea, that African Americans are, in fact, locked up at a higher rate as criminals as a result of higher levels of poverty, then pat yourself on the back; and recognize that when African Americans, Mexican Americans, or my "white" brethren try to sell less harmful drugs on the street for less profit, they all, or shall I say "we" all get locked away, and then can no longer, ever get a job in a corporate society that asks you to not just do the time for a crime, but to never, ever expect a decent job again. Who is it then, that is the criminal? I say that it is Big Pharma, and Corporate fascist Big Money white collar sorts and blue collar law enforcement that is criminal, and no one is compelling any individual to perpetuate a paradigm of racism and hate.
Hey, I'm Just Doing My Job.
I've never heard a police officer say that, I refuse to speak to police officers under most every circumstance. I also can in no way ever recommend that anyone ever speak to a law enforcement officer at any time without the presence of a lawyer, better yet, you should never speak to any law enforcement officer about any crime ever, even in the presence of your trusted lawyer. I absolutely do not give a damn about what a law enforcement officer's job description is, I only deal with facts and truth. Facts are, law enforcement officer's very jobs in this nation are, in fact, often harmful and oppressive, and even racist in regards to those that they are sworn to protect and to serve. Oath Breakers they are, or illiterate. I haven't decided.

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