Friday, March 18, 2016

New Atheist Movement Myths

The New Atheist Movement.

All across America people are angry, and getting angrier. They've nearly always got a good reason for their anger. Most groups of angry persons have very valid and well thought out reasons to justify their anger, and every single day the numbers of angry persons increases significantly.
Everyone is angry about the state of the economy. The Democrats blame the Republicans - and the opposite is even more true, but all the while multi- national corporations and Eurotrash bankers and the Rockefeller family are working to murder everyone and create a global system of governance with a manageable population of slaves just smart enough to run the machines and fill out the paperwork, and just dumb enough to not ask questions.
Everyone with half a brain knows that that 911 terrorist attack was a staged event in which thousand of Americans were murdered by their own government - for the sole purpose of creating endless wars against undefinable enemies to break the American economy so that we'll all be willing to join this global system of government that's been the dream of the wicked since the the allegorical Cain murdered the allegorical Able.
But nobody cares much about that - everyone's busy pointing fingers at their default opposition. The propaganda machine runs 24/7/365 on the airwaves and digital channels in the entire Western World.
But the most distracted persons in the entire world are all members of the New Atheist Movement.

Global Governance - Richard Dawkins Forgot To Mention It.


Richard Dawkins - He's a Biologist, And That's ALL!


The New Atheist Movement vs. Reality

The cohorts, and legions of the New Atheist Movement try to beat theists of all races, religions, and creeds over the head with the same bits of garbage all day, every day - to infinity. The only thing that they seem to have going for them are the facts of evolutionary science, and Richard Dawkins is their scientific false messiah, and Sam Harris; their philosophical and more polite, better looking American role model.
But let me clue you in on something here - These New Atheist Minions wouldn't know reality if it walked up and slapped them upside the head with The Greatest Show On Earth.
Evolutionary science is great. I thoroughly love evolutionary science! When I was 18 years old and attending Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas - I had the single best two teachers that I've ever had, they were a husband and wife team, and they taught Biology for the Science Major - both lecture and lab, and there names were Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim. I'll never forget the joy that I took from my studies in those classes, and the appreciation that I still retain for their skills as instructors. I learned from them about evolution, and protein synthesis, and cellular respiration; and a million other things as well. But. . . .
Evolutionary Biology is hardly a settled matter. It's an entire science unto itself, and humans sharing 97% of their DNA with chimpanzees in NO WAY PROVES that we share a common ancestor with a monkey.


The Allegory Of Creation - And New Atheist Logical Fallacy.

I'm not a fan of the big bang theory, but it is not in opposition to my faith in the God of creation. I don't buy all of the theory of evolution - but even if I did, that would in no way be in opposition to the faith that I have in the God of Creation either. The God that I believe in uses whichever means that he chooses to use for any reason he chooses at any and every given instance.
The logical fallacy of the atheists such as Richard Dawkins and his millions of followers is that evolutionary science is in opposition to the allegory of creation. That is false, Richard Dawkins and the new atheist hordes might be in opposition to the allegory of creation - but evolutionary science is NOT in opposition to the allegory of creation as laid out in the Torah and/or Bible at all.
Now, when I say these things in debates with these anti theist, they inevitably start saying that their system of faith - and they hate that word, but they do have faith - is based in reality, and that their science proves that they live in reality, and that my faith in a God is based in fantasy.

Reality? What IS Reality?


Pied Pipers -Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens

The problem with the big three leaders of the new atheist movement is that they don't have much of a clue as to what they are talking about when they try to prove that there is no god based on observable scientific data. Of course modern science can't prove that there is a god - neither can it prove that there isn't one.
Have you ever considered how arrogant it is to believe that all that there is to reality is what is observable with your five human senses? That, my friends, is ARROGANT!
Most traditional [spiritual] paths were developed in prescientific cultures. Consequently, many of their teachings are expressed in terms of cosmologies or world views which we no longer find relevant. . .The question then naturally arises: Is it possible to incorporate both science and mysticism into a single, coherent world view? . . .Up until the first quarter of the twentieth century science was wedded to a materialist philosophy which was inherently antagonistic to all forms of religious insight. With the advent of quantum physics, however, this materialist philosophy has become scientifically untenable. That is, the evidence of science itself contradicts a purely materialistic account of the universe.
If I were to study a science I'd most likely want to study biology. I'm just a nature, outdoors, and animal loving sort of guy. But this physics stuff intrigues me greatly. What it all comes down to is this: Biology is the study of life, but by only studying life and life forms, or the changing over time of life forms - someone like Dawkins with all of his faith in his religion of secular humanism - knows fuck all to nothing about the universe, he can't prove or disprove much of anything, and he and those others of his movement are merely pied pipers of the young and angry pseudo intellectuals of the Western World. If one looks into sub atomic physics and quantum mechanics - it's quickly obvious to an apt pupil that the singular theory of reality that these new atheist preachers espouse is a completely false reality.
Think Jack Nicholson saying,
You Can't Handle The Truth!

Quantum Mechanics - Blowing Minds Everywhere.

Are You Ready For Quantum Mechanics, Ye Atheist Hordes?

According to evolutionary biologist - some, not all - the most recent common ancestor of both humans and chimps (aka CHLCA) lived about 6 million years ago. Most every biologist everywhere agrees that most people can't understand quantum mechanics at all, and chimpanzees certainly can not. So, if humans evolved from the CHLCA, a rather un proven claim, then certainly the modern chimpanzee is more intelligent than this supposed common ancestor - or evolution would be working in reverse.
The point here is this: In the past six million years the chimpanzee and the human race supposedly evolved from the CHLCA, so it stands to reason that according to the mechanics of evolutionary biology that the modern chimpanzee, is certainly a more intelligent being - but can't grasp quantum mechanics - and this, my friends, stands in opposition to the idea that somehow the human race can over the same time frame evolve into a race of beings that can understand everything.
I'll be a monkey's uncle if that's the case - that humans can understand everything. Humans don't know much of anything, there is more to know than we can even sense with our five senses, and there's nothing in evolutionary biology that can even begin to imply that there is no intelligent designer, and modern physics seems to prove that.
What science needs, what the entire world needs - are more people who are seeking knowledge in physics, and less fans of arrogant British biologist that push a singular theory of reality agenda in order to promote their religion of secular humanist propaganda.
~Wesman Todd Shaw~

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