Monday, March 14, 2016

Datura, a Deadly Nightshade

Datura, a Deadly Nightshade - And A beautiful Flower!

Datura, a Deadly Nightshade.

One thing I'm certain of-and there's no chance of you changing my mind here, is that it is completely normal human nature to seek out ways and means of changing one's perception, and consciousness, or awareness. One of the major ways that people do this is with illegal mind altering drugs. Those things shouldn't be illegal -it's human nature to consume them, and so long as nobody becomes violent, or otherwise harmful to others, then it's entirely a matter of personal responsibility-should you decide to seek out such things.
Should you be a brave enough soul to doubt my assertions concerning human nature, then I suspect that you should dig deep into the pre-historical past, and discover just what it was that changed the society of man from those who were hunter/gatherers to we who live in cities and towns.
Perhaps you have a religious beef with human nature. That's great! Judaism and Christianity are both very welcome points of light and discussion with me-and both of those ancient religious belief systems make it very well known that we are a flawed people. . . . .But let me set you strait real quick. The United States of America was never a Christian nation, and neither was it a Jewish Nation. We are all free to accept the Torah, or The New Testament and we're also free to completely disregard them both. Anyone who used Christian or Jewish morality as a means and way to justify arguments for legislation which makes use of chemicals and/or natural intoxicant illegal is someone who is simply bigoted towards the founding fathers of this nation, and their ideals.

Having said all of THAT, I must now say that if you consume loco weed, you are a dumbass-and I hope you make it out of the ER.

Datura, a Deadly Nightshade - Do NOT ingest it.

Datura - Do NOT ingest it.

Winter 2009 - The Datura Experience Observed.

Well, I came home from a very depressing and totally unsuccessful day at work today, and found a train wreck here at what passes for home these days. I had gotten so down on the job that I had decided to just take the bus home and look for HVAC jobs on the net-BUT I found that my DART bus pass for the month of May had been taken from my wallet. I've also had a number of food items taken without permission lately. . . . . .

Red and Blues are flashing outside my window right this very minute! Isn't that grand!? No, the police aren't here over my stolen bus pass or food-they're here because Joe, who works at the local greenhouse brought home some Datura. Joe used to live in the room next door. He's packing his stuff right now cause he's got to find another place to sleep tonight. Patrick, his roommate, ate his Datura, and no longer knows who or what he is.

Now I've done more than my share of LSD, and psilocybin mushrooms-but I've never seen anything like this. Datura isn't illegal, and that's because so few folks are dumb enough to consume it that there's no reason to bother. I, possessor of the internet here, showed the housemates what this stuff does to those who stray into the path of poison plants-and suggested that someone call an ambulance. Patrick may die for all I know. He's not looking too good-and he can't speak.

Hopefully the cops will take him to a hospital-or I could be reporting police ineptitude resulting in a fatality to you very soon. They can't take Joe to jail-possession of Datura isn't a crime. Hey, I don't know what else to say right now.

I'm Todd, your live reporter from the nuthouse. Later

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