Friday, March 18, 2016

Coast LED Flashlights

A Small But VERY Bright Coast LED Flashlight.


Coast Brand LED Flashlights.

I'm not exactly sure when things began to change, but change things have just the same. Sometimes changes are certainly for the better, and this is certainly true when it comes down to the common consumer's ability to get a superior product, and when it's all said and done, to have that product, and continue to use it for a longer and more satisfactory time period than he had been able with the previous product that was replaced by the newer one.
Coast brand LED flashlights are so far and away superior to the common flashlights, even the best of them, of old that there's probably never going to be anyone who's even willing to stand up for the flashlights of days gone by.
In the past when I was forever crawling into spaces and hidden corridors in various and sundry buildings of the Dallas Independent School District, every craftsman worth his salt carried with him a Mag brand flashlight, and these were surely the best flashlights that were commonly known, and reasonably affordable. They were small, and they fit snugly and inconspicuously onto a holster that would attach at the hip via the workman's belt. Police officers the world over also carried very large Mag brand flashlights that doubled as large clubs with which they could beat the common poor person over the head, or murder them - as they'd surely never be able to afford protection or justice in an American court in the manner as those who lobbied to pass the laws protecting their own interest in the United States of America.
Today the craftsman who works on and in homes and commercial or otherwise large buildings still carries with him a small and very bright flashlight for the times he has to crawl into the uninhabited spaces, or the spaces sometimes inhabited by mice. The policeman still, by and large, protects the very wealthy businessman's business interest, and he still serves to protect the poor by sending them to prison; and maybe, the less than intellectual police officer still carries a very large Mag brand assault flashlight.
In any case, the verdict is absolutely in, and the jury stands in unison declaring that the age of the incandescent light bulb used in flashlights is over. LED flashlights are so vastly superior in every single way - that no one at all can dispute it, and besides that, very few of the old incandescent flashlights are even being sold.
Coast Brand LED Flashlights Are THE BEST LED Flashlights Sold ANYWHERE!

What Makes Coast Flashlights Superior?

Listen, anyone can waltz into any dollar store and buy a very bright LED flashlight powered by double A or triple A batteries, and that flashlight will be fine for a little while, but it won't last long, and this is a fact that I assure you to be true. Don't bother listening to me about that though, buy one yourself, and see for yourself. I've got several super cheap LED flashlights, and I can usually switch some parts around and find a configuration that works.
Cheap is cheap, and inexpensive for a reason. Then, there are Coast brand flashlights.
Coast brand flashlights are NOT cheap, and they aren't so inexpensive either. You get what you pay for in this world most of the time. When you pick up a Coast brand flashlight, you'll instantly see it's superiority, and you'll feel that superiority in your hands. The Coast brand flashlight will weigh two or three times as much as does the dollar store flashlight, and this is because of the superiority and durability of the materials used in the construction of the Coast brand flashlight.
Batteries are costly and important, and your cheap dollar store LED flashlight will be sucking the voltage out of them with regularity. Oh, you can most certainly squeeze some additional value from any light or any battery powered device by only using lithium batteries. Everyone with a brain knows that lithium batteries last much longer than do the alkaline batteries, and are also much better in value and time savings than are the rechargeable nickle cadmium batteries - but what most folks don't realize or bother to think about in the case of flashlights or other small devices involving either battery power or straight electricity from an alternating current outlet is the metals used in conducting that voltage and amperage makes such a vast difference in the quality and duration of service the device in question is able to offer.
Cell phones, computers, and Coast brand flashlights all use GOLD as the metal of conductivity inside them, and never will that cheap dollar store brand flashlight ever have such fine material in use. Gold is far and away the greatest conductor of electricity. I'd imagine that there are other brands of flashlight using gold conductors between their switches and their battery power, but I don't know of them, and I've never seen one. Coast brand LED flashlights, however, are readily available and should you be broken down in your vehicle on a dark deserted road, or should you be crawling underneath someone's snake infested peer and beam home or trailer home to repair something, you'll be relying on your flashlight, and you'll then appreciate the superior workmanship and value of your Coast Brand Flashlight!

Coast X21 LED Flashlight 1000 Lumens

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