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The United Nations, The New World Order, and How Global Hunger, War, And Poverty All Require Your Compliance.

The United Nations - They Don't Care About You, They Don't Care About Me

What Sort Of Fool Thinks The United Nations Is A Source Of Authority?

Having been born, you have exactly one thing you must do, and that is you must die. You will die too, there's nothing to be done about it, you are going to die. From the moment of your birth, there was only death that you must accomplish. One way or the other, you will accomplish death - every single thing you choose to do between your beginning to understand this truth and your death was a choice you made of your own volition. You truly have nothing you must do but die.
In the USA the major talking point is that democracy is a virtuous thing. Democracy is worthless by definition. A majority of idiots trampling over the rights and lives of a minority of persons is in no way a valuable thing. By pushing the virtue of the idea of democracy, there is a hidden endorsement therein for the mind control of the masses via mass media. If anyone is so dumb they think of things said on television or in major newspapers or magazines as inherently "true," well, they're too dumb to be capable of making decisions on their own - as they've granted their mind to the masters of mass media.
Of course modern mass media pushes compliance and division at the same time. It exists to omit valid things from discussion in order to push a set of predetermined outcomes as the only possible solutions to a problem. one which is always being blown out of proportion. Always things are omitted from conversation within mass media, usually, those omitted things are the most valid things to be discussed. Things of little value are forever pushed forward as the most important things for the viewer to be concerned with. There's no doubt it's all towards the gain and the maintenance of the lavish lifestyles of the most wealthy and least needful on the planet. There's studies that say seventeen super-corporations run everything; and that may be true, but they couldn't have so much control without consumers of their wares giving them that power.
Lately a disturbing trend is emerging as more common. I've literally seen otherwise decent enough persons endorsing The United Nations. Hard to believe anyone living in the United States of America would be so foolish as to believe this group of the wealthiest persons on Earth have some sort of plans towards anyone's betterment, but some persons literally seem to think such things. Worse still, persons I know have been endorsing The United Nation's "declaration of human rights." The notion that rights are granted by super wealthy bankers is a total intellectual failure on every end of the reasoning game. While endorsing such a hideous idea as super wealthy persons being the arbiters of human rights, one literally is giving their lives and the lives of their children to the persons least likely to be concerned about them.

The United Nations - Un-involved in Peace

Never Give Authority To A Group Of Wealthy Men

Scientism -Intellectual Failure, the worship of humanity via science

Determining What or Who is your Ultimate Authority

Flying under the mental radar for most people is truly the question of just where and what they deem to be authority. No matter who you are, where you live, what you do - whenever you deem something as a decision maker for whether or not a thing is morally right or morally wrong, you are casting your authority somewhere. Now many persons in this day and age and all past ages have always considered themselves as their ultimate authority. We the people who live among those sorts may never come to realize those individuals do just that, as they could be either completely horrid or completely wonderful. It's not certain that self seeking is the same thing as ascribing ultimate authority to the self, as the self could well be something completely benevolent in nature. Heck, one could even say that Jesus of Nazareth (were one to only see him as a legendary or mythological man, and not the son of the supreme deity) thought himself his own authority, for he called himself the son of God.
Concerning Jesus, if you're a Christian then you plainly see that Jesus was the son of the living God, and so you cast your authority with him, with the God of Abraham, under the Christian persuasion, and of which there can be many interpretations. That's a valid place to levy one's ultimate authority. It certainly makes more sense to me than to presume some mega rich conglomerate of bankers who's families have been so rich for so many years that the modern incarnation of them were never ever able to even glimpse the sorts of lives the rest of us lead. It doesn't matter here, however, whether one is a Christian or what they are; what matters is one sees the United Nations as nothing but a continuation of the divine right of kings mythology, and it's so damned funny to see the atheists getting behind the United Nations, for those sorts are so stunted in the mind they don't even see what they are doing.
Now of course there's that other thing the masters of media financed by banks and corporations preach - democracy, and is democracy anything but mob rule? Nope, democracy 1. doesn't exist, but 2. is sold via political speeches and mass media memes and reporting as some sort of virtue. It's worthless, democracy is utterly worthless, and nothing more than rule by mob. It doesn't take much of an intellectual to reason out how 51% dominating the lives of 49% isn't a valuable system. What, then, is the value of a democracy? There is none, there is no value in democracy. So plainly, mob rule is no valid source of authority, the mob could either be vicious or benign, super wise or completely uninformed. The mob rule of make believe democracy then makes even less sense. Noam Chomsky says we do not have a democracy, and if people aren't going to listen to the reasonings why there isn't one from someone like me, then they should certainly pay attention to the world's most important intellectual. There is no democracy, and it's not a valid source of authority.
What is scientism? What does scientism have to do with anything? Well, scientism is merely the worship of science, it disregards the negatives of our human scientific achievements, it's merely another severe intellectual failure, for the worship of science is none other than mankind worshiping itself, as science is purely a human construct. How could anyone think of humanity in lab coats is an authority? Don't they realize the scientists who do some good things are also fellows of scientists who make bombs, weaponized gas, and things of that nature? Best to find something other than science of scientists to ascribe ultimate authority to, is my opinion.

Aldous Huxley - The Chemical Revolution of the New World Order.

Major Leaders of the past and present speak of a New World Order

The New World Order - It takes denial and stupidity to deny it's reality.

It's seriously funny in a way, very disturbing in other ways, but I've got a lot of very intelligent friends on the world wide web, but some of them literally make jokes about people who talk about the new world order. I'm taken aback every time I see such things. It's an outright denial of facts to say there is no new world order conspiracy, George Herbert Walker Bush spoke about it from the oval office, and more recently, Joe Biden spoke about it too. Of course there's an extremely long list of famous intellectuals who've spoke about the same thing, but they may have not mentioned the thing as the new world order.
How long has the new world order plan been in place? Well, always, really, forever mankind has had dominant groups who wish to dominate and subjugate all of mankind, in the Bible this is found from Genesis to The Revelations, the Tower of Babel tale was the first instance of the thing. Whether or not the Tower of Babel story was ever literally true or was meant as a great allegory for the future and for the present, that is something I can not answer.
In more modern times we've seen very definite movements towards one big unified government. The congress of Vienna was a start to the notion in a democratic or representative sort of way, and it followed in the wake of the Napoleonic wars. Of course the peace didn't last, and following two world wars and some smaller ones in Europe too, we now have the European Union
It's plain fact Alexander the Great wanted to unite the world, the Roman's wanted the same, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, they all wanted domination over the entire world. The idea is nearly as old as mankind itself is, if not exactly that old. So whenever someone makes some sort of joke about a new world order conspiracy theory, they're displaying a total ignorance of history, and actually making fun of themselves. This sort of thing is, however, rather common. People just aren't very smart these days.
Regarding Mr. Huxley's chemical revolution, well, that's booming along quite well. Global sales of antidepressants, stimulants, anti-anxiety and antipsychotic drugs have reached more than $76 billion a year—more than double the annual US government budget spent on the war against drugs. It may be true such medications take the edge of of pain and problems, but they also dull life itself. Then there's the sodium fluoride in our water, and it's simple historical fact sodium fluoride was used to dull the senses of the prisoners under both Hitler and Stalin.
The United Nations was formed promptly after the end of the second world war to replace the League of Nations, which hadn't been very effective at anything. It's been growing like a cancer since then, and is generally only an elitists vehicle for social engineering for the exact sorts of persons who already control such a significant part of the world's wealth we can only hold them personally accountable for all global warfare, and everyone who's starved to death in the world recently. Sadly, persons in the USA are so intellectually inferior to the modern conspiracy theory researcher, they applaud someone like a Barack Obama, an international criminal warmonger, and even worse, Hillary Clinton
If you watch this C-Span speech which Obama gave to the United Nations, LOL, it's funny even, to hear the things the man says. He mentioned ending a century of total war, as if he were not a total warmonger. He mentions the use of drones as if that's a wonderful thing, and says there's low chances of civilian casualties. That, my friends, is the United Nations, an organization of hypocrisy, un-involved in peace.

War, Hunger - Both Require Your Compliance To Global Elites

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