Monday, May 6, 2013

Corrections Corporation Of America - Modern American Slave Masters.

How Did America Sink This Low? Why Do We Have For Profit Prisons?

So much can be said, and the question will always be, "How did it come to this?" How did our culture here in the USA sink so very very low? Well, my simple answer is that we do not love each other. No two ways about it, Jesus said that we are to love one another as we love ourselves, and so, we did not do this as a people in the USA, and that is how it has come to this.
The human ego is a deadly beast, and to love the self over all things is the goal of the human ego. The cultures of the Natives of the Americas were very different than ours, and never did the Native Americans have jails, prisons, or things of that nature, why was it so in their cultures, and why is ours so very toxic, so very different?
The answer is very simple. We live in a culture where the populace values the self over the community. If one is interested, then there is a terrific film available for no charge, and it is all over the web, the name of the film isKymatica, and it largely about the evolution "the self."
If you want to get into a Biblical explanation, well look no further than Saint Paul's discussion of the war between the flesh and the spirit, which essentially discusses the same thing as the film Kymatica, and uphold the notion that the highest state of health for a person or community is that of valuing the whole, or the community over the self.
No doubt about it, the United States of America is in the midst of a domestic human rights crisis with its prisons and prison population. Now very obviously, the heinousdrug war is the largest contributor to the rise of the police state, and the prison population in the USA.
Why do people allow this stupidity known as the "war on drugs" to continue? Well, once again, it is their egos that vouch for this. People seem to want to see someone punished rather than to forgive them, never mind the fact that the use of mood altering substances has been a natural thing within the human species since it first walked the Earth. People do not accept the natural things other people do because it offends their egos, if it did not, they would love their brothers as they love themselves, and embrace them as an equal part of a community. Instead, we send them to private prisons for drug use, and from this they never can return as equals, as corporate amoral America never ever forgives anyone for anything they've ever done.
So what is Corrections Corporation Of America? If you've not guessed, they are one of the amoral corporations that deem it well to turn a profit from human misery, all the result of ego valued over community.

Private Prisons - Inhumane, and Unethical

The Private Prison Hustle.

In modern hip hop and rap music, something that for all the world the music executives seem to have produced in order to convince young people that they belong in private prisons to begin with, the notion of "hustling" is always tossed around. Well, hustling is nothing more than doing dirty deeds for cash, and well, a society on the bottom end learns how to behave from those on top, and good friends, private prison corporations like the Corrections Corporation of America - they do know how to hustle.
Hustlers are also well versed in being bullies at times, and Corrections Corporation of America is no different, if they want to build a prison in your hometown, and your good members of your community realize the inherent immorality of it all and put up a fight against it, well, Corrections Corporations of America may very well sue your hometown. Regarding the Florida town and it's battles with Corrections Corporation of America, the following was said:
"They're suing my city with the federal tax dollars they've gotten from my pocket," said Ryann Greenberg, who lives less than a half mile from the proposed site and has organized hundreds of residents in opposition. "They're trying to bully their way into this contract."

Such things are rather normal operating procedure for gangster private prison corporations, but what about the way Corrections Corporation of America hustles in the towns where they already have a private prison? Well, they like to overcharge inmates and their families for telephone calls, and why wouldn't they? They are gangsters, of course.
Gangster corporations such as Corrections Corporation of America employee a lot of amoral gangsters, of course, birds of a feather, you see, and well, Corrections Corporation of America enjoys providing gladiator schools instead of corrections, or that long forgotten notion we used to have for prisons....rehabilitation.
Man's inhumanity towards man is on display all across America, and nowhere is it seen clearer than in private prisons. If you think the persons at corporations such as Corrections Corporation of America treat inmates like dogs, well, you might be onto something, as the are even known to feed prisoners dog food, as happened once in Texas, but granted, the thing was blamed on the company who provided the food, but in any case, as profit is a motive in private prisons (of course!) the issue of just how little they can get away with feeding folks is pushed to new extremes, as Corrections Corporation of America...only exists to make a profit.

Private Prison Employees Search For New Inmates In Public Schools.

Corrections Corporation of America - They Are In The Public Schools Looking For Inmates, and Profit.

I'm online all day long on days in which I'm not working, and for the most part, I see a lot of stupid memes tossed around. Recently I saw a meme/image about how schools prepare students for a life as a wage slave in private prisons, you know, soDick Cheney can buy another heart. Well a lot of folks were upset about this particular image in my Facebook feed, and some more than others. I sort of laughed at them being upset, the entire thing makes perfect sense to me.
What do public schools teach but rote memorization, and subservience to authoritarian government? There are police in the schools now - and I assure you this couldn't possibly help the learning process, but them maybe learning wasn't ever the goal, or at least hasn't been for a long time now. Indoctrination is the goal in US public schools, and part of that indoctrination is that the notion of civil liberties, individual rights, and all of that sort of thing only something we pay lip service to.
It works just like this: A prison is built at a profit, the profit is passed on to a politician so he can get elected, and then a favor is owed to Corrections Corporation of America, who only exists to make a profit. Well, the people at Corrections Corporation of America expect the new legislator they've purchased like any other whore to do his trick, and the trick is to pass laws that allow the private prison folks to make more money. Hell, they are already well known to have bought judges so they could get more "customers," or as we call them in real talk, INMATES. So little wonder should you have now, now that we've decided we all love ourselves more than anyone else, and we've chosen to not value our communities or the people in them at all, to find that Corrections Corporation of America is not searching for drugs and new inmates in our nation's public schools, clearly showing how the employees and stockholders of that amoral corporation value profit over children.
Were I a guessing man, I'd guess the principle took a little bit of money under the table, or was treated to a hooker and a nice trip to Vegas or something. You know how it goes, grease the hand, have some drinks, make some dirty deals, this is amoral America, of course.
And so it goes.

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