Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Monsanto's Roundup, and Genetically Modified Soy Poisons Europe

Europeans Reap The Harvest of Death

Monsanto, universally recognized as the world's single most evil corporation; and the only agriculture corporation that owns it's own mercenary army; is in the news again. This time, the innocent children of Germany are being victimized by the single most toxic corporation that the United States has imposed upon the unsuspecting world. Since we've destroyed Serbia and Iraq and Afghanistan for the next four billion years with depleted uranium, while at the same time poisoning our own soldiers; folks like Donald Rumsfeld, who own stock in Monsanto; are now trying another way to poison the people's of Europe.

Do you believe this nonsense up above???  I don't, cause Monsanto is an American Corporation, and they need a mercenary army, and I'm glad that they've got one.  Everyone knows that the terrorists are out to get us Americans, and I hope Monsanto and Blackwater/Xe get those darned terrorist.  I would be so sad if George W. Bush or Dick Cheney were martyred in the name of freedom!  I hate those people that hate America!!!  I hope our government will protect us from those dang terrorists, I'm willing to pay taxes to breath American air just so long as the terrorists don't get me, or my heroes Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

Greetings From Monsanto, The World's Most Evil Corporation


But I don't believe the Germans, Germans started world war two, and that was bad; therefore anything that some crazy German physician says about Monsanto is bound to be a lie. Also, just because a few thousand farmers in India were dumb enough to sign contracts where they lost their land, and drank that Monsanto herbicide to kill themselves, people make a big deal out of such small little things. I don't know why. That Monsanto GMO corn and potatoes that the French complain about??? I bet those are the best tasting corn and potatoes ever, the French are always stirring up a mess about dumb shit, everyone knows that. Roundup kills weeds, and therefore everyone should buy Roundup all the time, who the hell has the time or energy to bend over and pull weeds up anymore? This is the modern age, we're too evolved for work like that, and not everyone can really afford to hire an illegal immigrant to do that for them, thank God for Monsanto! I don't trust all these things that I hear in the foreign media about Monsanto I think Monsanto is here to save the world from the lies of the foreign media. Everyone knows that the United States is the most good, honest, and bestest nation that there ever was. Love it or leave it, and buy some super awesome Monsanto products today!!! Birth defects? WTF? People shouldn't be having babies anymore, David Rockefeller says that the Earth's population is too big, and I believe him, cause Rockefeller's are famous, and everyone knows that famous people are celebrities, and that in America we are supposed to want to be like celebrities. That's what America is all about. I just wish people would stop making a big deal out of all of this nonsense. "Love it or Leave It," that's what I always say!


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