Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Monsanto, and their Criminal Activities against the Farmers of India

Monsanto Murders Poor Farmers In India

I'm publishing this hub because the crimes described, committed by the Monsanto Crime Syndicate are among the worst crimes by the wealthy against the poor of differing ethnic groups that I'd ever heard of. A brand new phrase has been invented in honor of these horrific crimes against the poor Farmers of India, and that phrase is "Monsanto Suicides," which is a term that describes the manner and method of suicide that Monsanto's imperialist efforts in India have produced. Poor Indian farmers, having lost everything due to having been manipulated, and financially ruined by the Monsanto Crime Syndicate. . . .drink Monsanto pesticides in order to end their miserable lives. . .misery, Monsanto style.
The differences between what the Monsanto Crime Syndicate claims to do and what they actually do. . . .are so great, that it's easily seen how persuasive words, money, and the powers of globalist elites are in today's decaying world.
As always, it's not important to me that you agree with me, it's important to me that you investigate these things. Hey, if you can disprove the horrific manner in which Poor Indian Farmers have been victimized to the point of suicide by the Monsanto Crime Syndicate-the please show me your proof!

For More on what has now been voted as the world's single most evil corporation, read the following:

Monsanto Destroys The Lives of Poor Farmers In India

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