Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'll ONLY Purchase Organic Corn.

Corn is now downright scary.  Eating anything with corn in it - has become a frightening proposition. Yeah, GMO corn has been around a while, and it isn't just Monsanto that is producing it, but now with the failure of  proposition 37 out in California (to the tune of one million per day spent by Monsanto) - corn is just not for dinner.

I will buy corn - so long as it is labeled "organic."

I'll let you in on something that isn't a secret.  I like me a whole lot.  I like a few women out there even more than I like me.

The nation of Russia likes women too, and well, they sure have some pretty ones - and I bet some of the less attractive ones are outstanding humans too....and the nation of Russia ain't having that shit.

Bt corn causes breast cancer.  Russians clearly love women more than Americans do.

I'm losing tons of faith daily in Americans.  Americans are fucking idiots, it seems.

So yeah, corn syrup is in most everything.  Well guess what?  You don't have to purchase those things.  I recently even found some ketchup without it.  Hell I hardly ever even eat ketchup.

I don't drink sodas.  I don't drink colas.  I do NOT purchase processed foods.

I'm all up into this food war - and food is being used as a weapon, and only the blind haven't caught on.  I do purchase some sauces here and there.  I'm especially fond of HOT SAUCE, and I use that word kinda creatively to represent some other things, but ...hey, no corn syrup in Louisiana Hot Sauce.  None at all.

Oh hey, another major nation full of brilliant persons seems to love women, and thus humanity, more than retarded amoral America've heard of it, they call the place "France."

I've seen those tumors on the rats. They aren't pretty.

So, when was the last time you heard of rats getting tumors like this from organic corn?  Has it ever crossed your mind to consider that something tested on rats is inherently dangerous?  We don't test organic foods on rats, you know.

The folks who claim fighting GMOs is wrong because GMOs feed the world - well, those folks...are kinda dumb, as the drought has shown that GMO crops struggled and failed....despite being produced entirely due to claims they were drought resistant.

Oh but some only support scientist that are paid millions to tell folks what they want to hear....funny that.

Me, I'm a meat and fresh vegetables guy.  I'll eat some fish, pasta, breads as well, and I'll listen to my music, drink my wine...and I'll love women.


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      Typically, I publish much longer and more in depth Monsanto hate pages...I put this here because one more always makes me feel better :)