Saturday, November 10, 2012

Norman Finkelstein -A Hero of Justice - Banned From Israel.

Who is Norman Finkelstein?  Well, he is my Jewish hero, is who he is.   Whether or not you believe Jesus to be living, is in this instance, of no importance to me.

I'm a Jesus guy.  I've seen and experienced things in this life that science can not explain.

Very briefly, I'd like to state why atheism is repugnant to me, and then, we'll move on.

The Earth is but a tiny speck of dust in an expanding infinity, and the Earth rotates around an insignificant star in that expanding infinity.

Infinity is expanding - and we can't grasp the concept.

An atheist is basically an idiot that believes the five human senses a species of primate evolved on an insignificant speck of dust revolving around an insignificant star in an expanding infinity - can use to make defined  statements about something - despite it being so vast he or she can't see or comprehend the smallest part of.

The atheist is both an idiot and a monster - an arrogant bastard.  Infinity is expanding.....think on that...and then make your stupid statements based on human knowledge born of five evolved senses of glorified apes on an insignificant speck of dust revolving around an insignificant star in a growing infinity.

While an agnostic might be one of the wisest persons on the planet - an atheist is only ever a fool for stating with no compunction what is or what is not - having not a thing in infinity with which to back it up.

This bit of blog has NOTHING to do with atheism....I just have that much junk in my head that has to be let out.

I think I started with "I'm a Jesus guy."  Well that I am.  Norman...probably is not, and yet he very much is just the same.  I don't care about Norman Finkelstein's religious views, he is a social activist of the most incorruptible sort of order.

A hero of telling the truth is what Norman Finkelstein is.

Norman is young King David vs. Rothschild Israel's Goliath.

Norman will win in the end, even if he dies for trying - infinity is like that.  Consciousness can't be explained, and past, present, future, merely dumb human concepts only valid on the terra firma.

Norman Finkelstein.

Who is this Norman Finkelstein character?  Well, he's the only righteous man Israel has going for it...incidentally, he isn't allowed in the nation of Israel - does that remind you of anything?

No, Norman isn't Jesus- he's only a righteous man,. so righteous, in fact, he's been banned from Israel...there is a deep theme there somewhere, I'll let you attempt to figure it all out on your own.

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