Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Tribute To The Late Peter Steel, And Ronnie James Dio.

The Best Concert That I Ever Saw.

It was November 1995, and Danzig was coming to Dallas for a show at the late great Bomb Factory. I guess that that isn't a good name for a public venue anymore. I drove, and with me were both Magic Mike, originally of the five Casa Nostra families of NYC, and the late "Jimmy John."

Opening the show wereThe Flaming Lips, and Type O' Negative.

I knew of the lips, of course, and their show was psychedelic, as I knew it would be; but I was excited about Type O Negative. Their Bloody Kisses album was a favorite of mine; full of heavy metal, soaring choruses, and erotica. I thought that Type O Negative was a perfect match for Danzig to tour with because both bands descended from punk rock bands, and Peter Steele sounded a lot like Glen Danzig to me.

Six foot eight inches tall, and with long black hair, and probably, a little makeup to make him more pale, Peter Steele looked like a vampire come to life in that little place. His rich, VERY deep baritone rang out, and sometimes screamed. I loved every minute of it, and so did everyone else.

Now, I'd been to plenty heavy metal shows before this one; and I'll always remember the strange way I had felt so close to everyone at Ozzy's Freaker's Ball,but I'd never seen anything like the reception Peter Steele received from the female fans in the audience.

I saw LOTS of titties! Of course when the band kicked off Christian Woman , the girls went wild, and I was right up front, at the back edge of the mosh pit to enjoy it.

Before him beg to serve or please
On your back or knees.

But the truth is that it's dangerous close to, or inside a mosh pit; and I could feel that I was going to pass out, and possibly be trampled, and injured badly. I saw BIG security guards having to fight while pulling a casualty backwards through the crowd. Somehow, I made it out, and to the back of the Bomb Factory where I was able to get some water. . . . . . .then four neo-nazi types burst several cans of pepper spray on the concrete.

I saw a man who had just bought four expensive beers, and he had them all in a little container. . . . and in the aftermath, .snot running from his nose into every one of them.

Peter's name is something ethnic, and very different from "Steele," but he was related to Joseph Stalin, "The Man of Steel," and I'm certain that he took his stage name from that source.
Peter passed away this year after a recovery from chemical addiction. He was a very tall, large man, and he died of heart failure.

I've not seen such a great show since that time. Peter Steele, I mourn your death in this manner.


The Bloody Kisses Album
The Bloody Kisses Album
Type O Negative
Type O Negative
Peter Steel




Ronnie James Dio
Ronnie James Dio

The Late Elf That I'll Never Get To See Perform Live

I never got to see Ronnie James Dio in concert, but I sure wish that I had. You know that someone is a bad motherscratcher, um, I mean, "talented singer," when they kick Ozzy out of Black Sabbath to have you come in. Nobody has a voice like the man from the band Elf had.

I guess Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden is close, but I prefer Dio, thank you very little!

Heaven and Hell is one of the greatest albums in the history of heavy metal music if you ask me. It has a mystical quality that puts me back to my early years as a hellraiser, and all around fuck up. The song Children Of The Sea especially.

I believe "Children Of The Sea" is a biblical reference to the gentile world-if my remembrance of Bible Symbols is correct. I think the song is some sort of mourning for the passing of Pagan traditions, but I can't claim to read the mind of the late Ronnie James Dio.
Ronnie James Dio passed away this year in Houston, Texas; after a long battle with Stomach Cancer.


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