Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Jubilee Medal Of Saint Benedict.

The Jubilee Medal Of Saint Benadict

Look, first and foremost, I don't typically wear any kind of jewelry, and I never will. I don't have tattoos, and I have no plans for any of those either. I'm a half way religious guy, but I do not and will not participate in organized religion. I, however, have been wearing the St. Benedict medallion for several years now, and I plan to continue to do so until I no longer am able to be aware of if I have one on, or not. Thank you very little, you may stop your internal Atheist Zombie dialogging right about now.
Here's what happened, I have exactly one close friend who is a Catholic, he wears one of these, and he had several others, but the one I wear he said was blessed by a priest. Stop your internal atheist zombie dialogging, okay?, I don't care, things are far, far more complex that that idiot Dawkins, and his other three "horsemen" are even capable of understanding. I have no faith at all in humanity, and less than zero(an actual vacuum of faith) in individual humans. I wear the St. Benedict Jubilee Medallion, and I think you should too.
You do see the "with and without" segment below, right? I thought so, and you all know that I look much more. . . .respectable and sociable with the thing, just think how much better you could look wearing one too!
Mine's not so fancy, but maybe it was blessed by a deeply spiritual priest whose got good graces(by extension) with the creator up above, or . . .I get so confused thinking about dimensions and creators, etc; you know what I mean, eh? I want a fancy one someday, like in those super cool pictures, but only if someone on the "up and up" will bless it, you know; I'm at least somewhat Irish in descent, so I'm sort of superstitious, and I actually have seen "little people" up to all sorts of mischief here and there, again, thus the St. Benedict Medallion.

With St. Benedict Medallion, See it?

See it?  DO YOU SEE THE EFFIN' THING???? (the big hairy guy is my brother)
See it? DO YOU SEE THE EFFIN' THING???? (the big hairy guy is my brother)

Me, but WITHOUT the St. Benedict Medallion


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Put The St. Benedict Medal On A Gold Chain

Look, I'm hardly "Mr. Bling," and I only wear this one piece that could be considered jewellery, and trust me, I have serious image doubts about wearing anything like this at all. I'm just not a flashy guy, and don't want to be one. Here's the thing - add a gold chain necklace, and it just looks that much nicer than it would otherwise. You might notice in the picture that my St. Benedict Medal is hanging from a leather strip or string; well, nowadays it's hanging from a gold chain that someone had bought for me at some point in the distant past. I'd forgotten about the thing, and hardly ever wore it. I'm just not a flashy guy, but I'm getting rather fond of my St. Benedict - especially, and even more so now that it is suspended on a gold chain.

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