Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I Most Often Hate Cops

Listen, in my human experience the cops ARE THE CRIMINALS. Yeah sure, I've met the odd officer that didn't understand the program, his textbooks, the nature of Law, the system, or human psychology - both of those officers were good people.

....but let me tell you about the majority of the police I've met, they go to church, but will beat the piss out of you for minding your own business, and steal everything you own for the fun of it.

In Texas and Tennessee - it's such a common paradigm to be robbed by police that it's now making national waves, but has anyone done anything about it?  Hell no!  This is ughmerikka, and here we kill a million for Halliburton dollars, destroy the Gulf of Mexico for profit - and we rob everything from the poor at every single last opportunity, you see, poor people the world over hate us for a milliom damn good reasons, but we'd like to add about a million more - and nobody delivers like the boys in blue - service and protection of the rich we've come to count on!

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