Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rocky Brand Steel Toe Boots

Rocky Steel Toe Work Boots

Now, Rocky Brand Steel Toe Work Boots , I have a pair, and they are truly awesome. They are very comparable in cost and value to theWolverine brand steel toe boots that I own. Below is a picture of the pair (well, one actually) that most resembles my Rocky Brand Steel Toe work boots. The thing here is this, I didn't buy my pair of Rocky Boots, so I'm not the guy to ask about a price comparison, I got these awesome, comfortable, and amazing steel toe boots for "free" after having done some warehousing work in Dallas for a nationwide Christian charity called World Vision.
It can be said in most cases that a man who works and pays for something appreciates that thing the more for having earned it. That could be the reason why I've seemingly favored the Wolverine Brand Boots , as I've purchased three different pair with the fruits of my labor, however; I also worked for the fine pair of Rocky Brand Steel Toe Boots , I only didn't know that I would be receiving them in a token of appreciation for my labor. Also, I must duly note here that this computer that I've been using for at least five years now. . .came to me freely, from someone who'd, no doubt, decided that it wasn't worth their time and effort to repair it. It's been well worth mine, however, to do both; time and time again.
The Rocky Brand Boot is very comfortable, and truly I'd not experienced the discomfort of having to break them in as I had with my first pair of Wolverine brand lace up boots ; but the fact of the matter is that these boots are all generally too thick and insulated for me to wear during summers whilst making air conditioning service calls. My feet just sweat too much for that. I must also say, however, that should I ever incur any injury during the course of such work, then I'll certainly be one to play the fool for not having worn my fine, expensive, comfortable and durable work boots, of the steel toe variety, by either Rocky or Wolverine.
We here in Texas though, have experienced some amazing weather these past two Fall and Winter seasons, and the opportunity for one with even the sweatiest feet, such as mine, to wear and enjoy the beauty, comfort and protection afforded by Rocky brand and Wolverine brand work boots , seems to be increasing. Al Gore is such a repulsive sold out globalist charlatan fool.

My Rocky Brand Steel Toe Boots

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