Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Civil Asset Forfeiture = THEFT BY COP

Criminal Cops

Civil Asset Forfeiture is the second most serious crime perpetrated by police against citizens in the United States Of America, it's second only to murder, of course; and this too is a criminal offense by those sworn to protect and serve their own interests, and the interests of the state, above those of the citizenry. The more you watch the video below, the more disgusted you will become. Clearly, Civil Asset Forfeiture is a criminal offense carried out by cops; and even more clearly, awareness needs to be raised, and outrage needs to bring forth it's fruits of change here. There's no other option, but to allow those sworn to protect and serve their own interests, the interests of criminal local and state governments, and NOT the interests of the people who pay the taxes that pay their salaries.
I am asking for your outrage here, not against police officers, or police agencies; but rather, against criminal laws, criminal legislation; the words on paper that disgrace the badge and the uniform of police officers. Policing in America used to be an honorable, respectable, and desirable service to the community; it is laws like Civil Asset Forfeiture that disgraces a once proud profession. Don't hate the police, change the law, when Government steals and takes rights away from the governed, it then becomes the job of the governed to remove that government, and every trace of the disgrace that it had created.
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Dissent is very patriotic, and there is no more powerful entity in any land than the powers of Juries in the United States of America. Jurors have the RIGHTS and the OBLIGATION to overturn CORRUPT LAWS..  Jury Nullification is the RIGHTS of any Jury to NULLIFY, and DESTROY any law. Juries and Jurors have MORE POWER than judges, police, Generals and Presidents.  KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

In Texas - The Police Sometimes ARE The Criminals.

Civil Asset Forfeiture = Theft By Cop

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