Monday, April 9, 2012

My Experience With Acupuncture

Acudetox and Acupuncture

I am a human pin cushion, at least as far as my ears are concerned. No, I'm not hearing witches located elsewhere working a voodoo doll named "Todd." I am experiencing accudetox. Five needles are inserted into each ear, each needle represents or correlates to an organ, or some anatomical location on my body. The insertion of the needles isn't entirely painless. There are three insertions that are somewhat painful on each ear. These three, totalling six( because there are two ears) correlate to my kidneys, liver, and lungs. I'm told that the pain means that I have toxicity issues in regards to these organs.
Accudetox is having a bad effect on some of my fellows, or at least that is my estimation. Yesterday Dr. Susan Mendez, M. D. gave us a demonstration of the technique, and I've been worried ever since. She is of indeterminate years, but surely old enough to be my mother-but still quite "hawt." She askes the group why we do accudetox here. Somewhere in some nanotech geek's parallel universe I am swinging the bat and I've hit a bases clearing home run. Back in the real world, I answer the Doc's question with,
"cause you said so," and the Doc gives me a high five.
While I've been floating as a lotus on an Irish stream, Dr. Mendez has been engaging "Sam" in a one sided conversation that has reached beyond the boiling point.superheated gasses of conversating agony are in danger of escaping. . . .
"Why are you here?" She demands.
"Because I want to change," says Sam.
"No, you are here because you are a piece of shit father who pops pills while his children run around!" she asserts.
I am worried that "Sam" is going to explode on her pretty lil' bones, cause he seems to be from one of those countries or cultures where women don't talk to men like that. . . . .I am an airborn cottonwood seed, and thus, unable to protect her.


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