Sunday, April 15, 2012

Living With Leprechauns.

Now you might find it hard to believe that there are devious Leprechauns living with me in my 26ft travel trailer.  It is difficult to explain why you can't see them when you come for a visit.

I'll flat out tell you about your leprechaun atheism, sinner.

You see, I live with leprechauns, and I never see them either - but they are here just the same, and they revel in the joy of hiding my things from me.

Devious bastards.

Oh the Gorilla glue has never been found - I believe the leprechauns get high from smoking it.  Who knows?  Perhaps Gorilla glue is crack cocaine in the leprechaun world.  I think they partied on my Gorilla glue and then crashed.  The facts are that after they were sated on the lost (stolen) Gorilla glue that they went quiet.  Perhaps it has long legs, the Gorilla glue.

It seemed for a while that they must have taken my Tazo calm tea too - leprechauns are well known for use of uppers and downers; but sometimes they just can't hide things well enough.  It is only a 26ft travel trailer.  I found my Tazo calm tea today.

Wesman Todd Shaw 1 Leprechauns nothing.

I'm keeping score now, you devious little buggers.

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