Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kaufman, Texas Is Now Officially a Retirement Community

Retirement Community

I simply must be missing something, but lovely Kaufman, Texas being designated as a retirement community is an award? It's been obvious my entire life that the status quo was the agenda here, in Kaufman; but I guess now it's official. A small town ceremony was held on January the 27th, 2011 at Kaufman City Hall, where state Agriculture Commissioner, Todd Staples presented the award to Mayor Bill Fortner.
"It's a way to mark the City of Kaufman as a city of distinction. It says that it's a great place to live, raise a family, and it's a great place to retire to," said Mr. Staples.
"In Kaufman, we take care of our children and our elderly," said Mayor Fortner "In Kaufman, it's good for children and for elderly. We have a low crime rate. It's a perfect place for our elderly to live."

Growth Expected

So now, with Kaufman, Texas; an official retirement community, three different developers are prospecting the town I grew up around as a place of possible construction, and the city leaders are all swooning, and thinking of happy times for the local economy. I however, expect something much different to be the end result. You see, there exists such a thing known as the Health Socioeconomic Gradient , and that concept proves that when you increase economic disparity, that the health of the populace declines, crime increases, mental health deteriorates, rinse, repeat, so forth, and so on. So in fact, importing a bunch of rich, fat, retired Americans to a community, is completely destructive to the whole of any given social environment, which, of course, makes it a much less favorable community in which to live.
Because Kaufman, Texas; is a small, conservative town in Texas, the effects of the Health Socioeconomic Gradient on local politics will be this: Taxes collected from fat, rich, retired persons will then have to be used to combat the increase in crime, and the deterioration of both mental and physical health. Expect a new wing to be built onto our brand new county jail in a few years.
Construction is the most dangerous form of work that there is, it's even more dangerous, has more injuries and fatalities than coal mining does. This can be proven, it's fact; so, is it really a "good" thing for the community of Kaufman, Texas; to have new construction for wealthy, fat, retired persons? The world is made up of finite resources, and we waste the faster in America at a much faster rate than any other nation in the world. Construction is the single most wasteful industry in the world, with maybe the exception of moder electronic toys, or the automotive industry. Is this the type of wastefulness that the citizens of Kaufman, Texas want in their community? Apparently it is.
I hate to sound so negative - but I consider facts to be facts. I don't like the idea of more urban sprawl, I live in Kaufman, Texas - and I know it needs some things, but more retired persons aren't what we need here, we need more businesses; and the economy is so shot right now that who actually thinks that construction contractors in Kaufman or even going to get the construction jobs? If they did, how does that help anyone other than them and their help? I guess I can see a slight push for local spending if the retired droves show up - but not much else.

Moving Forward

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