Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oligarchs HATE The Internet.

Listen, it is beyond obvious to everyone who's eyes are open that the world is in big trouble and changing fast.  Here in the USA we've seen the most massive crime against the people imaginable followed by several of the most massive thefts in world history, and that was followed by the most massive power grabs and un Constitutional Presidential administrations in the history of this once free nation.

Alex Jones has it right - there is a war going on for our minds and our beliefs, and the weapon is information.  Why else would Julian Assange have been so hated?  He was and is a truth teller, and typically folks like that wind up with bullets in the head, as the powers that be hate to have their deeds and the truth as the word on the street.

Shine a candle in the darkness - and the darkness gets pissed, as it can NOT be in the presence of light.

So the global oligarchy exists - most governments are merely fronts that people believe in, but they are not the puppet masters, they are only a middle man - the strings of the puppet master and the marionette.

The internet has been free and open for truth and lies both and both in huge doses from the beginnings - but just like corporate news and *cough* entertainment in the Western World is utterly controlled and totally non truth filled and deceptive - the oligarchy wishes for the internet to be controlled with their propaganda as well.

As a web scribbler - this means I am the "enemy," and if you are a web scribbler, then you are the enemy too; unless, of course, you are one of the deceived or a simple corporate shill.

This stuff is vitally important to keeping information and truth on the web - please read and pass it along.

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