Sunday, April 15, 2012

J.R.R. Tolkien - Soon, I Shall Re Read It All.

I'm going to reread the entire Middle Earth story from start to finish soon.  Actually, I could omit the LOTR trilogy, I'm overly familiar with that.  Maybe I should save it for some later date - I might wind up terribly depressed or something, and need some fantasy world to attempt to escape into.

That's kinda just what I do.

No doubt about it - the best scene in the whole Peter Jackson rendition of the trilogy was the Balrog scene.  Everyone loves a great movie monster, and the Balrog of Morgoth did the trick.

Literally, I'm one of those nutters that believes in demons.  I used to be into atheism - the demons brought me back...literally.

Anyway, I might not reread LOTR - I might just read The Silmarillion and The Hobbit.  They are such vastly different books that it is amazing to realize they are part of the same big story - like opposite bookmarks they stand on either side of the LOTR trilogy, but that isn't correct either.  The story starts, of course, with The Silmarillion - but you shouldn't ever read that one first.  You might think I'm not making sense, but the correct way to go about reading the whole Tolkien thing is to start always at The Hobbit, proceed through the LOTR trilogy, and THEN to read The Silmarillion last.

If you do it like that - you can't go wrong, and everything should make perfect sense to you.

But of course I'm only talking out loud to myself here via an XP computer.


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