Sunday, April 15, 2012

I've got stalkers on Hubpages. I'm flattered.

There is something tremendously rewarding about blogger.  There is such a laid back atmosphere to this site that one just knows there is not going to be much in the way of...well, readers.

You see - not having any readers also means there are no stalkers, moderators, or strange folks I've never heard of before leaving shitty comments about me as if I should know them, or as if we've ever interacted before...

Also, I can ask questions here on blogger without some anonymous Hubpages beta stool pigeon anonymously flagging my honest to goodness most heartfelt and sincere question concerning the presidents murderous streak - and failing a successful flagging, voting everyone's fine answer down.

Yesterday some lunatic I'd never seen before left some vague "answer" to a question making all sorts of assumptions as to my personal points of view and character.  I'm on Hubpages almost constantly....and I'd never seen this character's profile even once before - and yet the moron talks at me as if we have been spitting at each other for years.

I took a nice whiff of pleasure deleting the cretin's "answer" to my question - so cretin is as cretin does, or so it's been said (not really...never), the cretin in question came back to another question I'd asked and stated something or another about me not being able to take the truth.

...again - I'd never seen the freak before.  I mean, really, I don't mind me being a freak much - but implying familiarity with this unit when no familiarity exists only pisses me off.

One thing for certain - Hubpages needs a block feature.  No matter what I say, there is someone that votes down every answer to every question that I am on.  I've never been so flattered.  Such a stalker is clearly obsessed with my brilliance.  None of my friends on the site bother to pay attention to EVERY SINGLE LAST QUESTION I answer in order to vote me I'm more flattered by the sheer emotional energy spent by my supposedly creepy stalker.

Clearly, someone wants a high hard one....


  1. Stalkers are fun, right?


  2. They can be! I think its most fun when you laugh at them...they don't like that!