Monday, April 23, 2012

Jamie Moyer Is MY Hero!

Jamie Moyer is My Hero

Oh you just don't know, do you?  I suffered and I suffered, and I longed and I longed - for the day that the Texas Rangers would provide some good old fashioned competition to the American League.  I was there...starting in 1986, I was there!  I watched every game either from the stands or the hideous idiot box that only provides me baseball - what else is that idiot box good for?  I recall so many dismal teams and  so many has been or never would be players - that it could fill a book the size of the Bible, those forgettable memories of mine.

Jamie Moyer - he is one of those, but he is so much more than that now, and the reasons are - he never quit!

From the start I loved Nolan Ryan - WAY prior to Nolan coming to Arlington, I was a total devotee of Nolan Ryan and power pitchers.  I loved watching Nolan curse, and scream - and throw bullets past men ten to twenty or more years younger than him.

Jamie Moyer never did that.....Never.

But OH, has Jamie Moyer ever notched it up to a higher level!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are talking about a man who is now 48 years old...pitching against the Josh Hamilton's of the world, and still, Jamie Moyer is winning.

So Nolan threw absolute bullets until the very end, well Jamie never had any bullets, and he had no gun to fire them with - and Jamie was never the pitcher that Nolan was - except that he is.  Jamie has the same competitive spirit as had the great Nolan Ryan, he only lacked the talent.  He lacks the talent still, but Jamie Moyer is WINNING.

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