Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Music was MEANT To Stimulate The Mind

Music was meant to stimulate the mind and bring a sense of community to persons.  Some of the finest music in the world united persons behind a common cause.

Music, of course, then - is a major target of globalist oligarchy for debasement, defilement, and to use against the peoples of every nation.  Why is it you see non musicians advertised and sold in sexually provocative poses on television?  It is because such things defile the mind, and cause anything but stimulated thought.

Now, I do not suspect that my musical preferences suite everyone's taste, and neither should they, however, they are never much going to be msm brainrot - as a nonconformist seeks to expose the darkness with light.

Creative expression and mind expanding melody are not what is sold to us in the mainstream media, and never will they be.  This is why pirating music is righteous, and altogether to the benefit of honest musicians that only make money from touring live.

Support honest music, flush beyonce or brit spears down the toilet, to the recycle bin, burn it like the trash that it is.  If you wanted porn, you know where to find that.  Music is supposed to expand the mind, not numb it.

Here is the growing compilation of the music on the website.

I'm certain that there are so many fine musicians in this world that I'm not familiar with that never will I be done discovering them.  If you know of a great musician you'd like to see promoted, then please leave a comment and a link in the comment box.  I especially am fond of acoustic musicians from any genre.


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