Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Happy Marriage

The old man walked into Shuck N Jivewith an air of familiarity, dignity, and damn near ownership. He should own it. I've never been and NOT seen him there.

There was a party of SMU University Parkers blocking his path, all of them were young, rich, and photogenic. The women in this group were making my neck sore. Poor Jessica! It would take three of her to take the crowd's eyes off of these!

Wisely, a GQ'd out young man got off his stool, and moved it, himself, and one of his buddies out of David's way. I told you already-David, the old man, has a presence of authority. Billy is our bartender tonight. Everyone loves Billy.

"Can I get you a Beer, David?"

"Hey Billy! How long you been married now?"

"One year, and sixteen days!"

Someone else butted in with a joke-he misunderstood the depth of the conversation.

"The honeymoon still going on huh?"

That one was bitter, and from the stranger who interrupted.

"She's still giving it up!"
Billy, to David, the Stranger, and for all, and with his big smile, that can't be mistaken for an ingenuine one.

"So It's a happy marriage then."

The last wasn't a question, and nobody questions David here.

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