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Shuck N Jive, Cajun Seafood Bar and Grill In Dallas, Texas.

Shuck N Jive

There is a Shuck N Jive restaurant in Dallas, and another in Richardson. I've not been to the one in Richardson but I'm sure that the food would be the same level of outstanding as is what is served on Upper Greenville In Dallas.
If you're looking for outstanding Cajun seafood, high quality beer, and a lively environment containing all sorts of persons across the demographic board- then Shuck N Jive is an outstanding place to hang out with all kinds, and eat some outstanding food. The food is mostly Cajun Seafood, but I believe there are standard dishes on the menu as well - anything out of a Shuck N Jive kitchen is bound to be far and away superior to the norm.
If you are a fan of oysters and/or crayfish or "crawdads" - then Shuck N Jive is definitely your type of place, and when either oysters or crayfish are in season, then there's no place I'd rather have them with some Blue Moon beer, and whichever sporting event I wish to look at on the several large flat screen televisions.
I honestly don't know how to say it other than this: Shuck N Jive on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas - just made an impression on me. I at one point when I lived in Dallas and had a decent job - would go there and eat and drink every single evening. It's the kind of place where one could frequent if they wanted to learn about a complex city such as Dallas - and make some real friends while at it. There are bars where people come and go - then there is Shuck N Jive Dallas - most of the people at the bar during the evenings have been going there several nights a week for anywhere from a year to beyond ten years. If someone hasn't made an appearance and is a regular, then the others of the group will and do get concerned - I practically felt adopted by the folks there for a while.
Shuck N Jive, on Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas-is simply the best and friendliest restaurant bar atmosphere that I've ever enjoyed. I used to go there daily. It is similar in ways to the atmosphere in the television show Cheers , in that there is a definite crowd of regulars here, and if you start to become a regular, then those people will one and all make an effort to get to know you. The women are always beautiful, and the food is simply outstanding.
~The following was written in 2009, while enjoying wonderful seafood, beer, and scenery at the Shuck N' Jive~
I come here to drink beer, watch baseball, write this nonsense, and look at the waitresses. The bartender played college baseball at U.T., so we're watching the college world series.

Jessica is one of the waitresses, and she is as sexually attractive as a woman can possibly be. Last week I leaned back in my bar stool and smashed her fingers. Last night, buzzed, I asked her if I could take a picture of her with my Blackberry. At first she was cool with the idea, but she quickly decided that it was weird. I didn't get a picture. She probably concluded that I'm one of those weird guys who want to fuck her about thirty different ways and times in the course of a single evening. If she reached that conclusion on her own, then I'd say her analytical skills are in synch with the drool collecting on the bar directly underneath my chin.

Lullabies, look in my eyes
Run around the same old town
It doesn't mean that much to me
To mean that much to you.

An older, gray, "slick fiftyish" guy with a huge breasted woman to my left asked thebartender to mute the sound on the ball game. The bartender is more pissed than he is letting on, and the tension in his conversation with the couple is thicker than they seem to have realized. So we're listening to classic rock now.

Well I heard Mr. Young sing about her
Well I heard old Neil put her down
Well I hope Neil Young will remember
A Southern Man don't need him around anyhow

I've spent the last 30 minutes talking to a man who sat just to my left. This is a cozy, horseshoe shaped bar. We talked about women, and we talked about theHVAC business. I'm still on call, and I came here directly from an emergency call.

The couple who had made the emergency call had never once thought to change their a/c filter. It was up in their hot attic, in the furnace/air handler. When I showed the old one to them they were shocked. It's the little things that make my life tolerable.

A friend is calling on the phone.

"Your going to get kicked out of that place your living in!" 

It's true that if I'd listened to that friend more in the past-I'd not have had to endure the indignities of the last year.

You are only comming through in waves
Your lips move, but I can't hear what your saying.

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