Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Redflex - The Surveillance Camera Anti Bill Of Rights Corporation.

Redflex - Corporate Corruption That YOU Pay For.

While the Unites States of America and it's citizens are continually distracted by a completely falsified war on "terror,"(gotta find those weapons of mass destruction!) the second war we are supposedly fighting against an undefined and undefinable enemy, and ever distracted by materialism and nonsensical gladiatorial modern dying Rome like exhibitions of modern mind distraction, like the super bowl; predatory corporations, like Redflex are filling the pockets of politicians with cash in order to further erode your civil rights granted under the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution .
Who is Redflex, you ask? Redflex is the eyes of Big Brother, they make the cameras that are invading your intersections; and cameras don't lie, right? Well, its certainly true that a camera can't lie, but politicians, and even other people continually seem to be quite good at it, in Arizona a woman named Cheryl Krough lost her notary public licence after falsifying Redflex camera certification documents, this, no doubt, was done for money; and though Ms. Krough lost her legal ability to lie in favor of apredatory corporation like Redflex, the question must now be, how many people are being paid by Redflex to falsify legal documents that say that such and such cameras are accurate, when they are, in fact, not?

Redflex Cameras - Are They Accurate? No.

You Know The Drill - Redflex and Corporate America Exists To Defraud YOU For Profit.

You know the drill now, don't you? Corporations like Redflex are in the pockets of politicians in exactly the same way that the Private Prison Companies, Like the Vanguard Group, and GEO Group are. Pay a politician to pass a law in their favor, and that law, of course, will be one that will require more Redflexcameras to be paid for byYOUR tax dollars that will allow for YOU to be more easily ticketed and for YOUR car to possibly, be confiscated from YOU.
The end result of all this is that you and I are practically paying a thief to break into our homes and rob us. How's that for customer service?

Redflex Robs The People of Australia

What's happening in Australia is surely the template for what the money masters want to see done here in the United States of America; and in Australia, Redflex cameras are being used in conjunction with falsified calibration documents in order to seize vehicles from any and all persons that they can be seized from. We've a global economic crisis that those wealthy bankers created for us, and they've paid the politicians to bail them out. They were paid to create the crisis, and were then paid in order to solve the crisis, how's that going to turn out for us all?
If YOU find out that a politician in YOUR area is dealing withRedflex, do something about it NOW.

Redflex - Violating Laws In YOUR Neighborhood.

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