Tuesday, February 28, 2012

J Pepe's On Lower Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas.

J Pepes On Lower Greenville Avenue - Dallas, Texas.

Dallas, Texas is full of wonderful places to eat and have a drink; and though the West End and Deep Ellum are probably more well known to visitors, we who have lived in or around Dallas know the real places to go for a great evening in the city. I suppose that everyone has their favorite drink and their favorite style of cuisine; but unless you just happen to not like Tex Mex cuisine, then J Pepes is a great spot to eat, drink, and be merry.
The J Pepes on Lower Greenville Avenue isn't the only J Pepes in Dallas - but it's the only one in such a great spot. If you aren't from around Dallas, then please take it from me that there is a lot to do and see on and around Lower and Upper Greenville avenue. It's an area where everyone is welcome - it's not the least bit exclusive to college kids, tourist, or any kind of person or of any age groups. I do have to admit a huge deal of personal bias for the area. I've lived within walking distance of everything on Lower Greenville Avenue several times, and I've also spent years and several different types of vocation working in and around this area. It's just the very best part of Dallas, in my opinion.

J Pepes A Wonderful Party Spot.

J Pepe's.

I lost a great job here once, sort of. Sure, I was drinking on the job, but it was a buddy's b- day, and a pay Friday as well, surely that counts for something? The Dallas ISD couldn't fire me for drinking on the job though-cause they had no rule against it. It had also been found out that the Superintendent had been buying teachers and other staff, the pretty female kind, lots of drinks at places just like this with the school district's money. It's not who you know, it's who you blow, I guess.

They have a pool here, and it's common that the waitresses look awesome in a bikini. They also have a patio facing trendy, "Lower" Greenville avenue, where the rich, young, and beautiful hang out so that they can be seen by the wealthy who are also looking for them, as they drive by in their convertible Benz. Sometimes, they get to see me instead, in a service van. 

Funk Me In My Own Way.

"Funk me in my own way"
"Funk me in my own way."

~it's coming from the stereo, not my head~

I'd recommend the chips and "kay-so," with cilantro to anyone.

A fellow walks in pushing a double stroller. I wave to the children, and one nearly over exerts his self in response. I quickly end my clown show, I don't want to tire the youngsters on my behalf.

Texas is so very beautiful at this time of year that I'm certain that the bikini wait staff would be much happier to just serve me naked. I'm certain of it. I'd probably tip even better too.


As I peruse the pool area for eye candy, I can't help but notice that an old, gray guy at the pool is giving full oral pleasure to some old woman's feet. .

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