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THE Fisher of Men, Some Thoughts About Jesus Of Nazareth.

Before reading the following, please watch this video, and reconcile the author's bit in light of the fact that he now thinks of "the Jews" in the same light as does the person who created this video, thanks:

The Fisher Of Men

Look, I want to start this off with some clarifications so that we can all get along, are we cool? I don't give a flying giraffe what or who you think Jesus was, or is. Well, I care-but I'm not feeling evangelical in the least. Everyone has to deal with Jesus, cause Jesus must be classified some way or another.
I don't mind if you think Jesus a cursed Nazarene, and say so, but I'll probably classify YOU as a theistic Satanist if you say something in that vein. You shouldn't much care what I think about you. I so don't mind if you think Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, your personal savior, redeemer, so forth, and so on-and we'd never get done with all of those titles.
Perhaps you think that Jesus of Nazareth, often called "Jesus Christ" in this neck of the woods, was never born, did not live, except, in the minds of millions since the supposed time when he was said to have lived, though much later, and in more than the traditional four "accepted" Gospels. If you ARE one of those, then you almost certainly have Jesus classified as an archetype. Hey, that's cool with me. Regardless of what Jesus truly was or is-an archetype is most certainly an apt descriptor. I'm not certain of this, but I believe that an individual can also be an example of anarchetype. I guess some clearer definitions would answer that question for us all.

Jesus, Some Jewish Kids, Some Fascist, And Adolf Hitler.

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Not your typical "Jesus" content.

Those that think that the Biblical Jesus never lived at all must surely think that the same was some sort of conspiracy. Hey, I'm a big conspiracy guy-and it would be wise for you to not make a habit of bringing up Global Jewish Conspiracies in my presence. I might get excited, you see, and pop off some shit that would make you say, "damn, THAT guy, he's one of THOSE. . . ." I'd start that conversation off by pointing out that the Jews of the Bible were Semites, and that "Hebrews" is the best descriptor other than "Jews," and that the people commonly referred to, rather incorrectly, today as "ethnic Jews," (though such a thing is impossible by definition) aren't even ethnically close to beingHebrews. . . . .so any comparison between "Jesus as proof of global Jewish conspiracy," and today's "global Jewish conspiracy" theories is already technically an impossibility.
Anyways, I'm leaving the "Christ" off of Jesus for any discussions that this may bring because I think that "Jesus Christ" specifies Jesus of Nazareth as the Biblical Messiah, and if you happen to be a practitioner of Judaism-then I would like your feedback, and I do not want to have you feel that I'm overly biased towards my own personal interpretation of the life of Jesus. I've always felt it to be extremely disgraceful for folks to say things like "the Jews killed Jesus." While the Biblical record certainly makes clear that leadership within the Jewish community in their traditional homeland had reasons, ways, and means to have Jesus of Nazareth killed-I take exception to someone blaming that act on the Jewish people.
Take a look at the any of the four traditional Gospels and you'll quickly see that Jesus of Nazareth was a pro-Jewish radical who favored the Jewish people, and made it plain in his speeches that his whole existence was first and foremost, for them.. For someone to use the death of Jesus of Nazareth as some sort of means or platform for anti-Jewish thoughts or actions is ridiculous. Such a person or group of persons certainly could not be a follower of this Jesus. Furthermore, and you'll hear this a lot if you are a reader of mine, the largest majority of our current proclaimed living "Christians" are not followers or admirers of Jesus of Nazareth-they simply can not be. They are altogether insecure, insincere individuals who merely identify with Christianity as a means to be on what they think to be the winning team.
Let me break down two individuals who have been lumped into Christendom for you-I'm going to do George W. Bush, and Adolf Hitler justice here; but mostly I'm defending this Jesus of Nazareth fellow, and the very few people in this world who actually AREfollowers of the radical Nazarene. Here's a question for you, if I claim to be a genius-does that make me a genius? NO! That only makes me someone who claims to be a genius. It doesn't raise my IQ scores a point, and if I'm grading an IQ test, then I'd probably deduct a hundred points from someone for saying, "I'm a genius."
The plain facts, Todd, are that Adolf Hitler was a Catholic.Someone who I really DO think of as a genius said this to me recently. He might have said, I'd have to check, that A. H. was a Christian-and if that was what was stated, then it's proof that folks that I think of as having very high intelligence quotients can be completely wrong concerning topics and ideas that they think about very often.
One more radical concept for you-and this one is mine, though I'm positive that I'm no original thinker-language evolves. What do I mean? The term "Christian" means "follower of Christ." I'll grant you the possibility that another will come and claim to be "the Christ," and that another group will come to be known as "Christians." Okay? Okay. Currently, however, the term "Christian" actually means that someone is a follower of, and adheres to the principles and ideas of Jesus of Nazareth. One can not simply claim to be a Christian and actually BE a Christian. It's just like the "genius" example which I hopefully explained adequately above.
One more thing before I get into what this hub has become: I do not intend to break out my Bible and show you the "address" of any scriptures. If you do not own a Bible, then you really should own one. I do not care or mind should you think the book is evil, vile, filth, and chocked full of lies. I'm simply hoping that you've enough faith in my presentation to know that what I say is there-is there, and should you dispute what I say, then . . . I simply think you should read a freaking Bible, and prove it.
Let's take a quick look at former President, and current Park Cities resident George W. Bush-a man who is NOT from the beautiful state of Texas, shall we? Yes, we shall. I will paraphrase, "Jesus Christ is my favorite philosopher."
That's GREAT "W," Jesus of Nazareth was certainly a philosopher, but he claimed to be MUCH MORE than that. I do not know, really, if George W. Bush ever actually claimed to be a Christian-and that's a good thing for him, because destroying the notion of the warmonger and profiteering former P.O.T.U.S. as being a Christian would be far too easy then. You CAN admire the Nazarene as a philosopher, and even a favorite philosopher without ever embracing "turn the other cheek." You can NOT, however, actually BE a Christian and send airplanes half way across the world to fire precision missiles on Islamic peoples over and over again, and think of Jesus of Nazareth as your personal role model.. Jesus of Nazareth allows for mistakes and errors within his group of followers. It should be quite obvious to you, dear reader, that such a person as "W," does not embrace the "turn the other cheek" principle at all, and is therefore no follower of Jesus of Nazareth.
Adolf Hitler: Sure, Adolf Hitler was once a Catholic, he also used to control much of Europe-big deal. Adolf Hitler's life and works precludes him from being a member of the peoples who have been, are, or will be followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nazareth plainly stated that 1. to love God with all of one's heart and soul was the greatest commandment, and 2. that the second greatest commandment was similar to the first-and it was/is that one should love their neighbors as they love themselves. It doesn't take a bright or literate person to see that 1. Adolf Hitler didn't much care for Germany's neighbors, and that 2. having once been a Catholic in no way means that someone was ever a follower of Jesus of Nazareth.
I hope that this has been interesting to someone. I'm done for now, but the life of Jesus of Nazareth, hvac, and Texas are topics that you can expect from this profile. I will accept all comments, as always, that are not overly offensive. Thank you for reading.

But Men Preferred The Darkness To Light.

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