Monday, March 21, 2016

Advice For Women Dealing with Online Stalkers.

Women are most often the targets of online stalkers, but surely this is not always the case. In any event it's important to realize that worrying accomplishes nothing, and that being pro active and learning about solutions to online stalking IS accomplishing something. Here are some basic tips for preventing online stalkers from invading your privacy.

Conversation With a Lady Friend.

Last night on the web I was having a conversation with a Lady friend that I'm fond of. This particular Lady has felt rather alarmed about a situation that she didn't ask to be in, and it involves a man that she feels threatened by. The situation is sort of scary to me even. It's weirder than I ever had thought that it was. I was doing what I could to help.
This particular Lady friend is quickly turning into a very public figure. She's brilliant, beautiful, and very pleasant to talk to. This sort of problem isn't going to go away for her unless she learns how to be proactive about it.  As for her being a public figure-I'm not going to discuss that further, as that wouldn't be a positive thing, and should I provide details. . . . .I'll bet you can figure the rest of it out on your own, can't you?

Internet stalking can sometimes lead to more serious problems, such as physical stalking.


Jodie Foster knows a thing or two about stalking.


Jodie Foster KNOWS How You Feel.

Perhaps the most famous case of a public figure with a male stalker is the case of the beautiful, and very talented Jodie Foster, and the attempted assassination of P.O.T.U.S. Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley Jr.
Looking for pictures of Jodie to import here. . . . .I almost changed my computer's wallpaper. Hey, I just wouldn't be me if I didn't say that, and usually I'd say much more.
Of course the Jodie Foster situation is a very extreme example of many things. She's an extremely public figure, her stalker was extremely insane, and took some very extreme actions in an effort to "impress" her. I think we can all agree to those statements, I consider them facts.
It's also important that I note here that not all victims of online stalkers are women, and that not all stalkers are men. David Letterman comes to mind-and his troubles with female stalkers, but those weren't online-a woman actually broke into his home. That's very scary.
I saw a beautiful woman make a statement the other night that rubbed me very wrong, she'd said something about her not owing every man "with a penis and a dream" a date. Of course she's right-but her particular persecution complex was way out of line. I don't deserve to have webcam hookers constantly sending me friend requests and soliciting me to see their "private pictures" either. We all have our crosses to bear-beautiful women do NOT have a harder life than others, and thinking that they do is a sign of illness for those that think it. I just wanted to clear that up. I am, however, very sensitive to the problems of attractive women. I would like to be sensitive to every type of person's specific problems-if possible.

Male Psychology 101. When Women Shouldn't Feel Guilty.

So my friend said to me, "Todd, I keep going over it in my mind. I don't know what I could have done to encourage this guy!"
I told her, "Look, I understand male psychology better than you, and for obvious reasons. You didn't do anything. You can't be anything but you. For some guys, if you ignore them then they consider you a CHALLENGE, other guys, if you're nice to them at all, then they think that that is ENCOURAGEMENT."
Truly, it's an issue involving more factors than anyone could be aware of-but maturity, and insecurity are the major ones. Ladies, if you are being stalked, then you might have caused it-but I want you to know that if you are being stalked. It does not mean that you encouraged it at all.

Anonymous Browsing Software For Windows.

The Tor Browser Bundle allows a windows or mac user to browse the web in such a way that even the stalkers down at your local or state or even national ISP will not be able to track your online activities. I've installed it, and intend on learning how to use it - I suggest it to anyone for any reason at all. Privacy is a right, and anyone that tells you otherwise is basically a fascist party to fear mongering, and antagonistic towards the rights of individuals in favor of the state, which has no rights.

The shotgun, the ultimate home protection device.

Proactive Solutions For ALL.

First and foremost, if someone is violating your personal space, or your home-there is no better defense that I know of than a shotgun. Is this scary to you? This is life. The police will NOT get there in time, and you know that is true.
So you don't want to hurt anyone. Nobody in their right mind really wants to harm anyone. Pepper spray is a joke, and if someone is close enough for you to hit them with a taser-then you let them get too close to you. I understand that maybe someone who reads this might live in a repressed country where firearms are not available. I'd advise you to move to a country where the interests are centered on your personal safety, if possible.
If you are a convicted felon and can not legally own a gun-break the law. Laws restricting non violent convicts from owning weapons are in violation of your natural rights as a human being.
You are right, and I do not apologize. What you need is an IP tracker so that you can find out the Internet protocol address of your stalker, and you also need an IP blocker, so that you can block that address. Sure, there are ways to get around that stuff-but if I brought them up. . .I'd defeat the purpose, wouldn't I?
With the above link you can download an IP tracker-I'm positive that there are dozens of them out there.
With the address above you can download an IP blocker. Again, I'm positive that there are dozens of them out there. Read consumer reviews, take your pick. BE PROACTIVE!
Ladies and Gentlemen. . . .we live in tough times, times full of stress, and change that brings more stress. Do NOT become a victim. I hope that this has been useful to someone.

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