Friday, December 7, 2012

Living With Leprechauns - Assault In The Night.

They've returned.  They came in the night, high as hell on the stolen gorilla glue.  I know they smoke it.

It's all broken, I'm in terrific pain, and I can only suspect they are very happy for it all.

What did I do to ever deserve this?  I've spent all morning laying back in my Mother's recliner with her one hundred and twenty volt Homedics back massager trying to work out the knots.

What evil intoxicated Leprechauns do, is not easily undone.  I feel as though I was stabbed by a Morgul Blade.

Though the mother's strong mojo protects the main house from the evil of the Leprechauns, she can't seem to keep them out of her iphone.

Some woman continuously texts her, and she is begging for money.

The woman has been mentally assaulted by the Leprechauns herself, you see.

She thinks my mom's phone number the number to someone named Luther, and the woman thinks mom is some woman Luther has shacked up or something.

The woman literally sent a text to my mother asking for twenty dollars "for energy."  The woman said she needed a twenty for energy so that she could attend some sort of employment.

God save us, the Leprechauns and their dominion seem to be growing.

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