Friday, November 16, 2012

We Lost A Very Honest Man. A Lot Of Us Lost A Wonderful Friend.

My Favorite Lil' Brother,
did I ever tell you I loved you, "Agape", regardless of our downfalls dude, we move in his way, often the one we picked after ignoring all the signs had we been listening and looking for, we might have changed coarse, I stayed the coarse, career government killer, highly skilled in something that would have paid me, in 2 months at starting pay what Uncle Sam paid me in a year.
I killed a lot of people in my first 36 months of being in country.My first 6 months I was a M-60 Grunt and humped the lines passing guys that looked 14 with a helmet and rifle, they had something else, a "thousand yard stare" hard to explain unless you ever saw one, hang on I'm gonna find you one, for most they didn't go away and a feller might catch me staring into my fire pit, hollow eyed wishing I was stoned and thinkin

about something else, this ain't one of my pics but that kid had it and may well have caught a bullet home. We crossed the empty faces coming out as we passed going in, I fret about it and pray alot for forgiveness, sorta redundantly my last 6 months deployed, I took my 4th hit and it cost me a leg and I was worried I was going to be washed out, hell no they were happy to send me back, for some reason I thought that was where I was supposed to be. Then came peace time and they didn't need me and sent me packing to, out the gate, I left my VW Bug in storage and took out my uniforms that were dress uniforms and piled them up just outside the gate and put lighter fluid on them and set them on fire, I kept my jungle gear because it was illegal to wear on the town for Enlisted and I put on a jungle blouse and caught a cab to good will and bought some more old levis and a train engineer hat biggest size they had, no more hair cuts, just thumpin the road with my thumb, people flipped me off threw shit at me as they passed my thumb, I just smiled and kept an 8 ball of tar and some coke with me to stay wacked as I limped down the road.
Anyway to your point, I didn't have anything but a bank roll and a call to my Dad and he'd ask where I was and when I was coming home, my apartment was payed and the two dudes I made a deal with had got out 4 years early and I payed 1/3 the rent even though I wasn't their.
My dad was worried that I wasn't coming back but I slept in ditches under bridges when it was raining.

Turns out bro' some of us got to hit the bottom of things to see what we got, and what we really need. Man I got so much story to tell about stuff, being cool and all that hokey jazz, it's shit, always was, I just couldn't see it. I see it and it's memorized.
This time of year is what makes my place part of Gods country, I got an old saddle roll I hand sewed a few saddle blankets out of and it has seen the trails all over this country. Folks say what you gonna cover up with? I say this, then it's what you gonna sleep on and I just tell them Mother earth.

Here I got this cool rrock on the hill and at 88 to90 in the day it gathers heat and I tuck that roll and some smoke and munchies up on it and lay down and toss out the blanket and when it gets 38 and the rock looses it's heat some I drag it up top and the dogs circle me and we sleep after star gazing,

I would be blessed to have that roll a 5day assault pack with odds and ends and my Moses stick I walk with and my lever gun and 44 mag redhawk and just wonder off with faith that I'd be fed and never leave the desert.

That is peace for me, I pray for you and I hop you find your slot, 'cuz there ain't much on this earth we need, Jesus didn't have a wallet or ID so I think about that.

Peace and Blessings,
don't loose touch, ya hear?


He passed the Marine Corps physical with only one leg after losing the other in Vietnam.

He built an energy efficient SELF SUSTAINING home in the desert with its own water source, and supplying all its own electricity.

So many people are so full of shit....and you see them and listen to their shit on Facebook...and you realize what a waste of time most are....and then you realize someone that was always honest, just died.

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