Monday, November 12, 2012

An 800 year lifespan?

"Tinkering" with two genes and forcing a low caloric intake, the folks at the University of Southern California have achieved what they believe will be an 800 year lifespan in...some yeast.

I don't need to tell you how there is no way they are so certain of what they are talking about.  Proof, as they say, is in the pudding.  So in eight hundred years, should these yeasts still be alive, then I won't be here to know if anyone was right or wrong, and neither will you.

....or ....hey, it these folks do have a life extending bit of a system worked out, then maybe someone WILL be around then to say, "told ya so."

What gets me is they've started ....experimenting on PEOPLE down in Ecuador.

I suppose you'd like the link so you can read all this yourself.

A scientist by the name of Valter Longo is the fella at the helm of this extended life gene splicing and diet prescription.

I found he's got a Wikipedia page.  There isn't a whole lot there, but the guy was originally Italian, and graduated from UNT in Denton, Texas.

You will have to admit this is going to be very heady and coveted stuff.  Can't you just see some sort of David Rockefeller or Evelyn De Rothschild zombie coming from it all?  I can.

The video above is not about the extended life genetic experimentation, the video above is about how fasting cycles combined with chemotherapy seem to be more effective in killing certain types of cancer cells.  I wanted to have a video here with which I and any readers could become a bit more acquainted with Dr. Valter Longo.

Another player in all of this is Dr. Anna McCormick, who's got a LinkedIn page which is public,   A cursory search didn't turn up a lot more related to this very interesting subject.

I know I already mentioned experimentation in Ecuador, but there is a bit more to that than the article Is letting in on.  I'll let any interested investigate.  I'm just here to share.

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