Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alcohol, Tobacco,Crack, Cocaine, and Mexico - Substance Use, and The Beginning Of Human Civilization.

Alcohol, Tobacco,Crack, Cocaine, and Mexico - Substance Use, and The Beginning Of Human Civilization.

Alcohol, Cocaine, and Cocoa.

The Drug War Only Empowers Drug Cartels, Police, and Private Prison Industries.

The Patriot Act has been used to fill the prisons with drug users, so that investors in Private For Profit Prisons Make More Money.
The Patriot Act has been used to fill the prisons with drug users, so that investors in Private For Profit Prisons Make More Money.
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Human Civilization Started Precisely Due To The Human Desire To Get Drunk Or High.

In the link at the bottom you will read about the theory that early man switched from an existence centered around hunting and gathering in favor of agriculture because of alcohol., i'm hoping that you will take the time to investigate that.

And it was good thing for us all, it increased out learning and survival chances, and the very quality of our lives for us to live together in cities.

It's easy to see that modern man in the OLD WORLD evolved with alcohol over thousands of years.

When European settlers came to the new world they met the Native Americans. They didn't teach us to eat Turkey one day in November. What happened was that we killed them off in the name of imperialism, racism, etc through not only the sword and the rifle-but with smallpox, influenza, and ALCOHOL.

Eh, WHAT? I said, ALCOHOL. You see, the Native Americans had not evolved with alcohol over the many thousands of years as the Euros had. To them, alcohol was devastating in the same way that crack cocaine was to the modern Americans when it first hit the scene in the 80's.

The Natives of places like Peru, and Columbia are well known to have evolved around the use of the coca leaf. They use it for endurance, mostly in the cultivation and harvesting of more coca leaves, as it's said to be a very pleasurable thing to chew on, and I do not doubt this.

You see, to the Colombians and the Peruvians, cocaine isn't such a big deal. They've evolved with it. Just as the Europeans, etc; had evolved with alcohol.

Of course these are generalizations. There are people who have never taken a drink-and yet they are alcoholic time bombs waiting to happen. Sometimes alcoholism develops slowly. Sometimes people are BORN as alcoholics.

The point is that demonizing one drug whilst leaving the other as legal is altogether illogical. It's faulty. It is stupid, and racially discriminatory.

It was very Euro centric, and altogether ignorant of the settlers here in the New World to think that the Natives would be able to handle alcohol.

I'm willing to bet that the first snake oil salesman that thought of it KNEW that he would be taking advantage of the "American Indians."

The Native Americans were devastated by alcohol in exactly the same manner as Americans are now devastated by crack cocaine.

Both are omnipresent today in America, but only one is legal.

If you were to say to me, "ah, Todd, you must have connections to get crack!"

You are full of shit. You simply haven't ever tried to get crack. I've been offered crack without knowing what the fuck it was.

Anyone who wants crack in small town Kaufman, Texas can simply head up East First North towards highway 34 North, and if you are a white dude, (or dude-ette) driving around there-then inevitably the crowd will know what it is that you are looking for, and either run over towards your driver's side window, or even step in front of your car.

"Yo, what you lookin' fo?"

No, they know that you are looking for a rock. What you are being asked for is to name the size rock you are looking to buy. Stranger to stranger.

It's the same in Dallas. You do not need connections. You need to not look like someone that is easy to rob, and you need the poor, black neighborhood's location.

Rupert Murdoch, and the Zionist that own every single one of our media outlets encourage this behavior of blacks dealing crack. It is because that they are racists that T.I. and whatever other young thugs have become "rap superstars" from glorifying drug dealing(in crack), and materialism.

If you were to say to me, "but if it was legal for people to smoke crack at a certain age-then there would still be billionaire drug cartels and drug dealers selling crack to the under aged!"

Bullshit. The taxes on this shit, and the education campaign would blow that so far out of the water that it's ridiculous that an intelligent person could say, or think it.

Find the stats relative to the decrease in smoking among teens from say, 1950-present. Prepare to be staggered. Education from taxation does amazing things.

If cigarettes were illegal-they'd still be available everywhere, and they'd be the hottest thing going on everywhere.

You'd have people massacred over cigarette distribution turf. Bet that.

Let's go back to Juarez, shall we? On February 4th 2010, The Dallas Morning News front page article following up on the massacre the preceding Sunday had this to say:

"Last Wednesday, a top federal official, speaking on conditions of anonymity said that the original target of the gunmen was a crackhouse in the neighborhood, where local thugs were buying and selling crack WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE CARTELS." 

I think that if anyone analyzed that statement you'd see the point in all of it's horrific glory.

Why did the gunmen kill the teens? They were mistaken. They made a mistake.

No, why did they go looking to kill?


Who is to blame, besides the cartel?

Anyone who empowers the cartel.

Who is that?

The people who create them and give them power.

No, who is that?

Drug Consumers.

So the cartels get their money from the consumers?

Yes, you've got it!

How do we beat this?

Legalize drugs.

Hey, I Know All About That


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