Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wolverine Brand Leather Work Boots - Finest Pair Of Boots I Have Ever Owned.

Wolverine Brand Boots.

Wolverine brand leather boots are the best brand of boots that I've ever owned. The Wolverine boots that I've owned were and are very high quality leather work boots, and they are very comfortable, and though they are very old and scuffed up now, they still see the light of day, and some wear during out door work. Facts are, next time I buy new boots, I'm buying another set of Wolverine brand boots . They look pretty classy in any circumstance, I do live in Texas, you know.
As it happened, I was working in the HVAC department of the Dallas Independent School District; and we were in the habit of getting a new work jacket every Winter at our annual Christmas Dinner; but I was pleasantly delighted on one such occasion to find that we wouldn't be getting another jacket, we all got hundred dollar gift certificates to Cavender's Boot City. So I took my certificate, and some extra to top it off with, and I came away with a pair of Wolverine boots, exactly like the one you see in the picture below. I took the tassel looking things off of my pair, I'm just not really a cowboy type of guy. Yeah, I grew up and still live in the sticks, and I'm forever doing redneck skilled labour types of jobs; but I've never been involved with rodeos, or things like that; but I do enjoy going to one every now and again.
I'm told the model is the Dura Shock lace ups, I can sleep in those things, they are just that comfortable. The Dura Shock Lace up model is pretty "cowboy" though, the next pair that I get will probably be more modern and conservative. My only real advice here, besides buying Wolverine brand boots, which I definitely recommend, is that should you get an all leather pair of boots, that you should realize that they may be uncomfortable for the first week, but they will shape to your feet, and then you'll never experience another pair as comfortable as those. No pain, no gain; also, you should treat the outsides of them with mink oil, so as to water proof your expensive and beautiful Wolverine brand boots.

This Is The Wolverine Model That I First Owned - Finest Pair Of Boots I've EVER Owned.

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