Thursday, July 12, 2012

Minnetonka Leather Hats For Men.

Minnetonka Leather Hats For Men

Now, I'm not a very fashionable guy, unless, of course, being out of style becomes the style, then I'm just screwed. Here's what I do know,Minnetonka Brand leather hatsseem to make me look a whole lot better. Now, this isn't really my opinion, but I'm not trying to copulate with myself. . .er. . .okay, well, whatever. The point is this, I wear one of these Minnetonka Brand Leather Hats, and should a photo be taken, the fairer sex seems to find that photo more favorable than the photos with my shaved, or my needing to be shaved head in them.
Now, please try not to imply that you think I'm loosing my hair. I'm not loosing hair, I keep finding it. I've had the same receded hair line since I was about twenty two years old, and that was a bit back in time. Not everyone can have a head of hair like Johnny Cash did, know what I mean? Here's what I know: A nice leather hat causes people to notice you, especially if nobody else has one on. I guess that means that if you happen to be doing something that you don't want to be caught doing, then you shouldn't wear one of these lovely Minnetonka leather hats. Really though, if you're taking advice from me, you should consider the source for what it is, and then let me know what the heck it is so we'll both know.
Behold the photo demonstration below, in which a totally ugly man is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of men's leather hats to the benefit of the natural beauty of the world in which we all live in:
It is abundantly clear to me that in this day and age that corporations give not a single flipping thought as to the persons that work for them, or the well being of their families. That may all be true and amoral as is capitalism - but the facts remain that we here at home are responsible for those amongst us in a more practical way than we are responsible for those that we do not see. It stands to reason that if one will not do for those that need within sight - that they are then even less likely to do anything for those that are out of sight.
Let's all understand then that we look good in leather hats, and that leather hats made here in the United States of Amwerica are make us look and feel all the better for the facts that someone has been blessed with fruits from their labors as we wear them.

Ugly Man Without Leather Hat

Same Ugly Man, But with more effective Female Appeal.

Yes, That is my smirk.
Yes, That is my smirk.
/\ Thinks that he is Woody Guthrie.
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/\ Thinks that he is Woody Guthrie.

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