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The Attack On The USS Liberty By The Nation Of Israel. Israel's FIRST False Flag Attack On The United States Of America.

Israel's First Major False Flag Attack On The USA

Leadership and morality are set always at the top, and from there those below follow, and recognize what behavior will be acceptable. Israel can't be any different. and indeed, I'm paraphrasing Proverbs of Solomon here.
Practice makes perfect, or so they say, and the first major incidence in which the Jewish apartheid state of Israel attacked a Western nation with the very equipment that it had bought for them was when Israel murdered American sailors on the USS Liberty, and then naturally...framed some Arabs in what has become the traditional manner.
History is full of sacred cows, and none of them are as powerful as the complete lack of spiritual and visionary misunderstandings in the Western mind concerning what Zionism truly is, How many terrorist attacks perpetrated by Zionist Israel in order to frame Islam in the weak and easily influenced Western mind have occurred isn't clear - but it never mattered anyway, as folks are all trained from birth to scream ANTISEMITISM!!! ...and never question that apartheid Israel isn't truly a forever saintly victim of the rest of us.
But then there are FACTS, and what happened on the eighth day of June in 1967 was nothing but the coldest murder of peaceful US citizens on a peaceful mission imaginable. Only Nazis could compare to or comprehend the mind sets of their equals that day, the Zionist of Israel, for the Nazis emulated the exact same style of manipulation in all their deeds, it had to be learned somewhere.

The USS Liberty - Assaulted In A False Flag Attack To Frame Arabs - The Paradigm Started Here

Apostate Israel

Israel - The Mother Of God, The Home Of Global Murder.

Since the incident in which Nathan Rothschild defrauded the entire United Kingdom, the patriarchal family of modern apartheid Israel has been the world's most powerful family. From their relative that headed Nazi Germany to eliminate followers of the Torah to the Balfour declaration, family Rothschild engineered Israels creation as the preeminent terror state. The tail wags the dog, and a comfortable American populace was lulled to sleep having fitful nightmares of nuclear annihilation while the foreign policy of Henry Kissinger set the tone for modern amoral America over seas - lieutenant family Rockefeller took care to erode the moral fiber at home, and has done so very well.
When there is a failure to hold accountable a party responsible for transgressions, in this case, the slaughter of friends, then the transgressing party is enabled to repeat and escalate those actions. We saw this ring true in New York City, and the slaughter planned for this Summer in London at the "Zion Olympics" will culminate the co dependent world's complicity with the apostate Israel's misdeeds.
I want to take a moment here to say that with the tremendous faith of the patriarch Abraham came the well deserved gifts of the Abrahamic Covenant - I'm Nemo to question God almighty, only fools do such things, and no true antisemitism will ever be honored here, the author is Christian, and all of my favorite books were authored by Jews. The entire divide came with the divide over the Messiah - Israel expected a mighty warrior king to lead the world from Israel, they had not the wisdom or requisite understanding to know that he'd come twice.
The point of all this is to reveal fact, and of course, the author's conjecture. The point is NOT to blame ethnic, religious, or adopted Jews for the world's ills. The blessings bestowed upon the Jews put the ball squarely in their court, they've got, each one of them, the choice to be the best of people, or the worst of people, and in both cases - they most often are. Be it known, however, that in the case of the USS Liberty - THE ENTIRE MASSACRE BELONGS TO ISRAEL ALONE.
Nobody is so clueless or hurt by spiritual reality as is the atheist - those willfully ignorant of the historical reality of paradigms set into motion by the life of Abraham the Patriarch, pickers and choosers of holy scripture out of context and misinterpreted by bias, pseudo science, and outright allegiance to the globalist notion that man is mere beast!
I'll spare you all the speech of Saint Stephen prior to being martyred - but you can find it in the book of Acts, written by the physician named Luke.

The USS Liberty After Israel's Slaughter Of Americans - And Typical False Flag Lies

The Attack Of The US Liberty.

Israeli Mirage III Jet - Like The One Used To Murder US Citizens

Israeli Mystere Jet - Murder Weapon Used Against American Citizens.

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The False Flag Attack On The USS Liberty.

It was the fourth day of The Six Day War, and Israel was routing all Arab forces. The Liberty, a converted freighter, was cruising international waters to spy on Arab communications for US allied Israel.The ship was fitted with the most sophisticated eavesdropping equipment in the world at that time, but was only scantly armed with a few machine guns for self defense.
It is important to know here that there was never any mistakes made by Israel's military in this incident - the Liberty was flying a large US flag, and when Israels fighter recon planes first passed over the ship, they passed so low that the crew on deck waved at them - the jets were, of course, paid for by US citizens, and they were proud to have done so - sadly, most Christians, or persons of other or no faith, had no idea what Israel's masters espoused as truth.
Six hours after the apartheid state's jets first passed over the liberty, they returned, and this time they opened fire with machine guns - killing their friends in their lust for murder. Rockets were fired into the Liberty, and napalm dropped on a crew that the pilots must have surely considered lesser beings than themselves. The Jewish jets obliterated the US flag with guns, for the false premise and plans were set, but the bewildered crew raised a second, larger US flag.
Eight US friends of Israel were already murdered for Israel's first major false flag attack, and one hundred were injured, but the Zionist of Lucifer were hardly done. Israel sent torpedo boats, and they were successful in their cowardly and hate filled ways - for the greater "good," of course, they wanted Judaism illiterate Americans to hate Arabs like Jews of Israel often do.
When the torpedo struck the Liberty twenty five more US citizens were murdered for Zion.
The Israeli attacks killed 34 US seamen and wounded 171 out of a crew of 297, the worst loss of American naval personnel from hostile action since World War II.
Less than an hour after the attack, Israel told Washington its forces had committed a 'tragic error.' Later, Israel claimed it had mistaken 'Liberty' for an ancient Egyptian horse transport. US Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, and Joint Chiefs of Staff head, Admiral Thomas Moorer, insisted the Israeli attack was deliberate and designed to sink 'Liberty.' So did three CIA reports; one asserted Israel's Defense Minister, Gen. Moshe Dayan, had personally ordered the attack.
Its always indication of a lie when there is failure to maintain a story, of course, and that is certainly the case with Israel here.
In contrast to American outrage over North Korea's assault on the intelligence ship 'Pueblo,' Iraq's mistaken missile strike on the USS 'Stark,' last fall's bombing of the USS 'Cole' in Aden, and the recent US-China air incident, the savaging of 'Liberty' was quickly hushed up by President Lyndon Johnson and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara.
The White House and Congress immediately accepted Israel's explanation and let the matter drop. Israel later paid a token reparation of US $6 million. There were reports two Israeli pilots who had refused to attack 'Liberty' were jailed for 18 years.
Surviving 'Liberty' crew members would not be silenced. They kept demanding an open inquiry and tried to tell their story of deliberate attack to the media. Israel's government worked behind the scenes to thwart these efforts, going so far as having American pro-Israel groups accuse 'Liberty's' survivors of being 'anti-Semites' and 'Israel-haters.' Major TV networks cancelled interviews with the crew. A book about the 'Liberty' by crewman James Ennes' was dropped from distribution. The Israel lobby branded him 'an Arab propagandist.'
Of course Israel has forever thrived on the fear the American public has at being labeled as antisemitic, in fact, the ploy was played far beyond the imaginations of decent persons in Europe not too many years prior for the purpose of creating the modern Jewish apartheid state.
In the end, we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but powers, principalities, and spiritual forces in dark places - each and every one of us.

911 Missing Links - Full Length Film.

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