Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fake Christians And Indifference

Which homeless transient would Jesus leave walking alone, and in the cold of a Winter's day?

I was raised in a very strict Christian church, but I no longer go. I never really saw anyone there actually do much for anybody-at least not consistently. It really seemed like a social club that didn't have basic reading comprehension skills.
Ever meet a "Christian" who doesn't seem to be a follower of Christ? I like the Gandhi quote that people like me always know and love,

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

That guy was spot on with that one. I really don't wonder why so many of these people who call themselves "Christians" are so un-Christ like. They are what we call "cultural Christians." After church on Sunday, they are done!
Once church is over they go home, and watch the football game. I absolutely hate football, but that is neither here nor there. . . .The point is that for the rest of the week, they don't seem to do much of anything, or even think of anything relevant to helping a stranger in need out.
"Well I gave in the contribution!"
Big fucking deal. That was for the maintenance of a building, etc; that has nothing to do with helping those in need. It's a social club. The church could meet in a parking lot if they wanted to-and then spend that contribution money helping people who need help. THAT would impress some folks-and probably win a lot more converts for Christ, am I wrong?
Riding home from another city today with my Mother, and in her brand new car-I saw a homeless person carrying what had to be everything he owned on his back walking down the road. He was struggling to carry the burden. I can't blame my Mother for not picking the guy up, I wouldn't wan Mom to be picking up strangers on the side of the road.
Me? When I have a vehicle, I pick people like that up when they are going my direction. I'm glad to take them as far as I can towards their destination. I've had to walk down rural roads before in the heat and the cold-just hoping for a ride. Typically, nobody picks ME up.
Here's an interesting tale: Once one of my uncles met his grandfather for the first time when he picked some homeless wanderer up who was walking down the highway. Think about it.
Once upon a time I was very strung out, and staying with a family strongly associated with the local methamphetamine production and distribution biz. I was riding with one of the sons, the one with the worst reputation; and he was someone my Deacon father always absolutely hated, and would call "Trash," even to the guy's face. Well, this guy would pick up ANYONE who was walking down a rural road. I recall one person we picked up that actually looked like a walking corpse. I couldn't believe this guy was breathing even, how many of the local church people had passed him buy we'll never know.
But this Trash , drug user, dealer, whatever-would never, EVER say anything evil about anyone; and he regularly picked up hitchhikers, bums, or anyone who looked like they needed a ride.
I'm continually disgusted by how un-Christlike these self righteous "Christians" out there are.

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