Saturday, April 14, 2012

Making Guacamole Is Easy And Quick Health Food

When I go to the grocery store, and I see the price of the pre-made guacamole, I am disgusted.
When I eat out at Mexican food restaurants, and I see what you typically have to pay for about a tablespoon of guacamole, I am disgusted.
When a friend of mine showed me for the first time just how simple it is to make guacamole, I was absolutely delighted! :-D
Obviously, you start with the avocado. Now I know that those little jewels are expensive, but you really ought to treat yourself every once in a while. Around here, they go for about a buck a piece. Not too bad, right?
Besides being yummy, the avocado is supposed to have some mysterious something or another that is good for the sex drive. Imagine that! And they only cost a dollar?

Bachellor food for great health and pleasure.

First off, you need to know when an avocado is ready to be used. If you can't squeeze it-then it ain't ready. I'm not really talking about us big, bad, manly men with massive hands here, what I'm saying is that sexy, delicate, female hands should be able to squeeze the avocado, and get it to "give" a little.
If your sexy lady friend can squeeze it, then you're good to go.!
You'll need a sharp kitchen knife to penetrate the thick skin of the avocado. I usually will insert the knife just past the surface of the skin, and go around the avocado long ways. Then I'll do the same thing around the "waist" of the avocado.
If you do it like that, then you should have four sections of skin to peel off, and it should peel off nice and easy.
Figure out your own best method of removing that big ol' seed; but be sure to get as much of the "meat" off of it that you can. Put all the avocado meat into a bowl, and use a standard fork to mash it up.
Next you want to add some garlic. Garlic is good for circulation, which is ALSO good for the sex drive. Are you sensing a theme here?
Use minced garlic, because you want small pieces that will diffuse their own flavor into the whole of the guacamole. I've been using pickled, minced garlic, and I find that the vinegar adds a nice flavor in, and of itself. Recently, however, I've bought minced garlic in olive oil, and I'm excited about the possibilities of the new dimension of flavor!
You be the judge of how much garlic you use. You might actually want to add the garlic before you've completely mashed up the avocado-so that it will mix more uniformly.
Next, you'll simply cover the surface of the mix lightly with salt.
Slice a key lime, and squeeze the juice onto the top of the mixture, and mash it all up, and stir it about some more.
You, my friend, are good to go!
I know that it's truly difficult to save any fresh guacamole , but I want to tell you that the honest truth of the matter is that your fresh guacamole will actually taste BETTER the next day, as the lime juice, salt, and garlic have infused their flavors a bit more thoroughly.
I like to slather the stuff on the inside of my flour tortillas after I've cooked them in a pan with some butter, but the stuff is equally great with corn tortillas, or tortilla chips.
Tear it up!

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