Monday, April 9, 2012

The Complete Haircutting Kit For Dummies

Haircutting Kit For Dummies!

Now, I'm not averse to having some hair on my head; I'm only averse to sweating more than I ought to when I'm either outside in the sun, or worse, crawling around someone 150 degree Fahrenheit attic during the Spring and Summer air conditioning tune up and repair season. I typically fight off un-needed and undesired excess head sweat with the help of myComplete Haircutting Kit For Dummies.  Now, you shouldn't think that I can give myself a fade, or anything like that.  It's really hard for me, sometimes, to see the backside, or the top rear portions of my head.  Of course my fully panoramic vision isn't what it should be.  If I could only have out of body experiences with full physical contact, I could nearly do it all.  My days of astral travel are through though.  What?

The Complete Hair Cutting Kit For Dummies!

For Dummies. . . .Like ME!

The Complete Haircutting Kit For Dummies is all you need to either give you, or your subversive friend a perfect buzz cut. Without my perfect, subversive, non conformist "pecker wood" style buzz cut; I'd sweat more when I'm doing legitimate skilled labour in the attics of police officers; and I'd NOT get the whole go round about looking like a common redneck militia boy from the same police officers when I get pulled over on the highways!




The Complete Haircutting Kit For Dummies is NOT just a set of clippers, it comes with a nice, large fold out book of instructions that can skin up your head in the manner and style of your own choosing! It's got a tube of lubrication oil for the blades, every conceivable kind and size of blade guards, a styling comb, scissors, tapers for left and right ears; and instructions in English, and Espanol!
Top it off with a 30 day money back guarantee, and a five year warranty; and you could well find yourself harassed by cops, and on "the list" just like me!
Buy one today!!!!!!!!!!

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Wahl The Complete Haircut Kit for Dummies 14-Piece Haircut Kit
Amazon Price: $18.76
List Price: $29.95
Wahl Haircutting kit for Dummies Model 9155-300
Amazon Price: $13.37

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